Carrier Interface Charge / "CIC"


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That is odd, Rhody. I asked Frontier on Twitter and they stated that there was no fee for purchasing a ticket in the airport. When you say that the ticket was $6 more than booking online, were you using a promo code for the ticket online? Promo codes can't be applied at the airport, so sometimes with a good promo code it is still cheaper to book online.

Or did the ticket agent specifically say that there was a $25 fee to book? If so, I think you should contact Frontier and get your $25 refunded.
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The fare at the airport equaled the online fare minus the $19 CIC, but the lady at the ticket counter told me that she has to tack on the $25 airport purchase fee on top of the fare. I couldn't find anything on the website that said anything about this fee, and asked to speak with her manager. The manager confirmed that yes, all ticket purchases at the airport incur a $25 fee which is in addition to the base fare/taxes. I did not have a promo code. I called the call center and the guy told me that the $19 CIC was a government-imposed tax, which of course is not true, so I asked to speak with his supervisor, who said that only the airport could waive the CIC, and was not sympathetic to my concern that it seemed impossible for me to purchase a ticket without some carrier-imposed fee. It was all rather odd. I think I'll write to Frontier to see if they can clarify with me and/or the airport staff (I was at ORD). Because the $25 fee I was quoted was higher than the $19 CIC online, I did not purchase the ticket at the airport.
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I booked several reservations at the ticket counter in San Antonio yesterday and there was no airport booking fee charged. Round trip travel for two for the upcoming holidays for less than $100. I went to the airport in the late afternoon lull and there were more employees than customers. In and out in 20 minutes from the time I entered the parking garage to driving out. Very friendly service.
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I'm glad to know that the fee is still waived at the airport. I would love to print something from Frontier's website in writing about it in case I try again and get the same manager, but Frontier doesn't exactly advertise this. I wrote to Frontier asking for an explanation for what happened to me but I don't expect them to respond. At least if no one else is having an issue, then if I do ever buy tickets again, I can call about the fee being waived, and if they refuse, well tickets more than 7 days in advance are always refundable within 24 hours of purchase.
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Try Twitter a public message to them generally gets a prompt response.
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