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I called F9 to change an award ticket to avoid the predicted weather delays for tomorrow morning. I got to hear a lot of legacy carrier spiel of S class vs other fare classes and how S class was not available anymore.

Wonder why they claim they are a whole different animal. I do not see them any different compared to Delta or United. $150 for same day standby, $150 change fees, A-Z fare classes, 20K for award ticket (was 15K).

I thought I should start supporting F9, after dumping DL/NW for domestic flights but after this experience I might as well as fly the Legacy Carriers. I guess it is all the ex-Air Canada management bringing their legacy ideas.

On their website: (makes one believe it, but after calling them you figure it does not apply to anyone)

IMPORTANT!! To better serve our customers, we've enacted a policy that allows you to travel in advance of the storm on flights, either Thursday or Friday, where we have open seats - thus beating the storm's expected arrival on Saturday. Our hope is that many folks will be able to take advantage of this opportunity and travel prior to the expected lengthy delays and cancellations. Please see the policy below for any restrictions that may apply.

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