GPS policy?

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GPS policy?

This page says that Frontier allows the use of personal GPS devices. I cannot find any official policy on Frontier's website.

I powered up my Garmin 60csx on a short flight from Wichita to Denver a few weeks ago. Worked great until the flight attendant asked me to turn it off. I didn't argue.

Technically, I was flying on a Q400 operated by Lynx Aviation.

What's other people's experience? If Frontier allows GPS, I'd like an official policy statement I can print and take on the plane next time.
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You are correct that Frontier allows GPS use, however, Lynx Aviation does not (they are technically different airlines).

It has to do with the Q400 and the process that has to be completed to investigate if PED's that can emit a signal will not interfere with the aircraft. I'm guessing that during the process of getting Lynx up and running, it was decided that these approvals would be pursued at a later time. With the current condition of Frontier, who knows when this will occur.

If you listen closely to the preflight and post flight announcements, they also don't allow the use of cell phones at any time once the aircraft door is closed for the same reason.

Want to read more?

FAA Advisory Circular 91.21-1B: Use of Portable Electronic Devices Aboard Aircraft

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Thanks for the info. I wish Frontier would publish an official position. Maybe they prefer the ambiguity?

I forgot to mention that the flight attendant on the Lynx flight was really nice about it. She wasn't sure about the policy but wanted to err on the side of caution.

I think its funny that people can use laptops, but I can't use my GPS. The GPS actually emits less electronic interference than a laptop - and that's just the electricity. Just think how many people are using laptops without turning off their wireless transmitters! My GPS transmits nothing, but because it looks kinda like a cell phone, I can't use it.
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