"Frequent Spender" program terminated

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"Frequent Spender" program terminated

I have had a Frontier Credit Card for a few years now and I happened to be looking at the fine print of the latest statement today. In a sidebar was this announcement:

"Effective March 31, 2010, Frontier Airlines will discontinue the Frontier MasterCard "Frequent Spender" program, which granted members who spend $60,000 or more in a 12 month period Ascent status."

I must've missed the email communication. I'm a little miffed about this program termination as it was the only reason I used a Frontier MasterCard. I don't fly enough to qualify for an elite status and this card was a great way to get around that.

Does this affect anyone else? Is there another card that offered this type of status upgrade just for spending? Is there another/better card I should consider now? Without the bump in status for "frequent spending" it seems pointless to carry the Frontier MasterCard anymore, don't you think?
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Pointless for you? Certainly, if this was the only reason you had the card.

Pointless for everyone? Hard to say - although with the recent announcement that a F9 award ticket is going up to 25K like all the other mileage-based programs, and given F9's much more limited route network, I'd find it hard to justify accruing many extra miles unless one is Denver based and is that partial to F9.

As to your question about other cards that grant elite status: to my knowledge, there is no card that directly grants elite status on an annual basis based solely on spending, but if you can earn 1,000,000 American AAdvantage miles, from ANY source (including credit card points) you'll have Lifetime Gold status after that point.

Citi has some cards that earn AA miles, and the SPG card earns 1 SPG point (=1.25 AA miles if converted in blocks of 20,000) per mile. Using the SPG card, if starting from zero and never flying on AA, you'd have to charge $800,000 to get lifetime Gold. That doesn't include bonuses, which could get you there quicker.
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I'm also a frequent spender, and I don't travel enough to get status by just traveling. Even 20 segments is a lot of travel. I would have to make some mileage runs, which I don't have the time to do. I spent the $60,000 this year which will give me 1 more year of Ascent. Most of the time, Frontier goes where I need to travel, which is why the frequent spender program worked for me. Don't know what I'll do after this, though. Maybe Frontier or United will offer some credit card deals in the next 2 years, or offer some special miles deals. After this month I will switch to American Express for most of my charges so I can transfer miles to any airline.
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