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beachmiles Mar 29, 20 6:20 pm

No hotel reimbursement for 18 months
We just canceled a June reservation for a small hotel we love in Provence. I’m okay with this policy. I know these small businesses are hurting.

“The French government has issued a law authorizing hôtels not to reimburse the deposit of the guests due to cancellation link to coronavirus
A credit nota of the concerned amount should be issued by the concern entity and to be used within 18 months
If this amount is not used, the guests should claim the reimbursement of the amount at the end of the period
We hope having the pleasure receiving you very soon on the near future

Her after the text of law for your information
Best regards “

IstKong Mar 30, 20 5:38 pm

Yes, the law adopted on the 25 of march now says that the hotel can refuse to refund you, and instead give you a voucher, valid for 18 months.

The answer that your hotel gave you is correct regarding the applicable law and understandable especially if it's a small hotel.

Note that this applies for stays between the 1st of march and the 15th of september.

MSPeconomist Apr 3, 20 3:52 pm

So it becomes a real refund after 18 months? This sounds similar to some airline policies.

IstKong Apr 4, 20 10:37 am

Originally Posted by MSPeconomist (Post 32261705)
So it becomes a real refund after 18 months? This sounds similar to some airline policies.

Technically yes, but will the small hotel be able to refund you after 18 months through such a crisis ?

beachmiles Apr 5, 20 3:12 pm

If they can’t reimburse me in 18 months. God bless them. My life will not be impacted.

Palal Apr 10, 20 6:12 am

Do a chargeback.

beachmiles Apr 10, 20 11:07 am

Deposit made over 90 days ago

kerouac2 May 24, 20 6:24 am

I received an immediate refund from the Suite Novotel in Nancy when I cancelled right at lockdown. On the other hand, the Ibis Styles in Liège and the Mercure in Luxembourg just validated my credit until 2021.

stablemate77 Jun 5, 20 9:45 pm

starting to understand because of covid crisis french govt not refund we have same problem gite de france thanks for imform as govt ordered hotels not to refund...our deposit will be credit for future use

stablemate77 Jun 5, 20 9:47 pm

hopefully if still in bizness

NickB Jun 6, 20 4:07 am

Originally Posted by stablemate77 (Post 32433633)
govt ordered hotels not to refund...

This is not quite right. The government has not ordered hotels and other temporary accommodation providers to do this. They have adopted a law that allows them to issue a voucher (ultimately refundable if not used but not until next year) instead of refunding. It is still open to them to refund if they wish. It is just that they are no longer legally obliged to do so, at least in the short term.

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