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Graciecatt Oct 19, 12 7:15 pm

Is the only website for Paris public transportation?
I'm having some issues with - it's very picky about recognizing addresses in the route planner. Also Chrome doesn't translate as consistently as I'd like.

Is there a better website for planning routes of all modes of travel within Paris (bus, metro, train, etc)?

nicolas75 Oct 20, 12 2:38 am

I don't think there is.
It works pretty well if you enter the name of the station, not that good in other case.

nicolas75 Oct 20, 12 2:40 am

English version of RATP site:

iff Oct 20, 12 4:22 am

I use it all the time for addresses without any real problems.
Could you give an example of what's not working well for you? Maybe there's a solution.

AAL Oct 20, 12 1:00 pm

Have you tried used the mobile app (iPhone, iPad, etc.)? The app may be more user-friendly than the website and it is largely in English.

Graciecatt Oct 21, 12 11:55 am

Thank you for the English site. Much better - although my high school French has been resurfacing through the French site! ;)

I will be using the app when I get there. Right now I'm working on Plan B otherwise known as If My International SIM Card Doesn't Work and printing out some routes.

nicolas75 Oct 21, 12 12:48 pm

For further information about Paris metro:

O'Hare Terminal 4 Oct 22, 12 11:39 am

How about ViaNavigo, also an official site?

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