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Donations of goods for Puerto Rico (this not not allowed here)

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Old Sep 22, 17, 8:00 am
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Donations of goods for Puerto Rico (this not not allowed here)

Not a lot of info coming out of the island yet. The eye went over Condado where the La Concha and Marriott are located. Also the Ritz and Courtyard also in San Juan got the Eye of the storm sadly. As many of you know I travel Florida and the Islands frequently and have seen devastation everywhere and it is the worst in my life. I was inches from losing my home with IRMA. Take any of these storms by themselves and they would be tragic, but having so many people devastated is really stretching the relief efforts everywhere. SJU was the center of the relief efforts for example for SXM and USVI. If you are looking for a way to help, I got this today from the owner of a major business on the Island and a dear friend:

Hello everyone, I first wanted to thank you all for the love and support these last couple of days. To be honest, this has been one of the most tragic and emotionally stressful times of our lives....We are hurting for our friends and "family" on our little island and are feeling both helpless and anxious at the same time. With the power grid still down, limited potable water and communications still very limited, we are flying a little blind right now.

That being said, I am not waiting around to start the healing and rebuilding.

Many of you have asked how to help and I have given a lot of thought on how to make the biggest, most direct impact.

1. I just spoke to our warehouse in Jacksonville, FL and containers are leaving the port for Puerto Rico as we speak. So, it is my plan to send a full or partial container of supplies to the island and get it to those in need right away.

I personally have 200 employees and families that have had so much taken away from them that could use these items immediately. 100% of these items will go directly to them and you can rest easy knowing that someone is definitely getting use out of the items you send. If you would like to donate to this, here are the items that are needed:

Portable Air Conditioners
Water – Small and Large Jugs
Gas Cans
Extension Cords
Personal Hygiene Products
Cleaning Supplies – buckets, sponges, mops, cleaning liquid
Dry Food Product
Board Games, Playing Cards, etc.
Pet Food
Paper Plates & Napkins
Rechargeable Battery Packs to charge cell phones
Electric Griddles

The address to have these items sent is as follows:

Caribe Ventures, Inc./ Hurricane Relief
C/O G&C Cartage
6801 W. 12th St.
Jacksonville, FL 32254

Caribe Ventures is the name of my company, so make sure you put that on there so that the warehouse sets all of the items directed to this container aside, consolidates them and ships them.

I will be in PR along with a team to receive and start distributing. Any items that are not used by our employees in the first few days will be given to anyone else in the community that are in need. We will not have to go far to find them. Your donations will be used.

2. Many people on the island have not only lost their personal items, but also their homes, means of transportation and their livelihood. Most of them do not have insurance either. If you would rather donate a monetary amount, I have set up a YouCaring page that is set up for my employees' families that will go a long way in helping them rebuild.

Here is the address: https://www.youcaring.com/peopleofpuertorico-957927

Again, like the items above…100% of the money collected will go to those in need. Any funds not distributed will be used to purchase items and given to others in the surrounding community. There is so much need right around our home, so again, we will not have to go far.

3. The last way of course is to donate to the American Red Cross, or the charity of your choice that will be working in any of the recent disaster areas in the United States, Mexico or the Caribbean. Anything you give, whether it is your time, money or material goods will go a long way in helping our shattered earth rebuild.

I thank you in advance for your generosity. Together, we will piece this world back together.

(PS, if you share this, please copy and paste the body of my message as well as it seems only the YouCare page is being shared....thanks!!)

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This was just the beginning of the storm. http://fb.me/FTmWOHMb

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I've seen an article about the Courtyard in Isla Verde during the storm. At least one wall of the lobby was blown out.
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I'm not opposed in principle to appeals for help for stricken Caribbean islands but I'm a bit surprised to find one under the heading "Any Update on Marriott properties in Puerto Rico?" in the Marriott forum with zero relevance to the Marriott program or Marriott properties.
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Originally Posted by darthbimmer View Post
I'm not opposed in principle to appeals for help for stricken Caribbean islands but I'm a bit surprised to find one under the heading "Any Update on Marriott properties in Puerto Rico?" in the Marriott forum with zero relevance to the Marriott program or Marriott properties.
While I understand your point, the fact that we have a FTer literally stepping up to the plate (or his company) to help PR I'm willing to give a lot of slack. OVMV.

BTW - if we get an update from Marriott or the OP I'm willing to post - or if you have one, please post yourself. The Marriott recent statement re: Maria hasn't mentioned PR, so again I'm willing to give the OP the benefit of the doubt, especially since he/his company is willing to help.

Given PR is 100'% no electricity for now (and some areas 6 mths), anything that can be done to help. Good on FTers/folk!

PS - (getting back on topic). I'm assuming the various Marriott properties have generators, but seriously how long do those work & how do you say come on down when the rest of the island is a total disaster for several months. Putting my cynical cap on, the resorts will get back to norm sooner than the rest of PR.


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We are sorry this does not meet the criteria for the FlyerTalk Cares forum. While we understand the awful problems that are occurring in Puerto Rico and the travails of Boricuas surviving hurricane Maria, only efforts of non-profit organizations are allowed to be posted here.

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