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Randy Petersen Dec 10, 10 11:23 am

FlyerTalk Community Donates to Captain Jason Dahl Scholarship Fund
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For the second straight year, money raised during the Star Mega Do (SMD2) has gone toward a number of charities and here's myself, Tommy777, Pizzaman and David Dosch (Board Member) with Sandy Dahl, the widow of Jason Dahl, Captain of United Airlines flight 93 as we present a check for $3,000 to the Captain Jason Dahl Scholarship Fund which awards scholarships to aspiring future pilots. Captain Dahl was the pilot of Flight 93 when it crashed on 9/11.

Sandy sends her most personal thanks to the members of FlyerTalk for this donation. She has adopted us as one of her favorites for the way that we, as passengers have stepped up to honor not only her late husband, but the profession of pilots—and they are the ones who fly us towards our dreams of travel.

This year Sandy wanted to share with us her memories and with hands trembling, showed us the personal possessions of Captain Dahl that were reclaimed from the crash site. Among those were his drivers license, passport, personal notes and United Airlines employee ID. As well, we were able to view the catalog of unassociated personal effects from that crash site. There will never be a day when that day doesn't have a particular emotional effect on us as travelers.

So, on behalf of the members of FlyerTalk that were along on the SMD2, your donation has been delivered and represents well our community spirit to pay it forward and give thanks. Thank you all.

goalie Dec 10, 10 11:35 am

Nicely done, Boss. Very nicely done. ^

karung99 Dec 10, 10 1:28 pm

Randy, I am very proud to be associate with FT and what you create here.

Happy Holiday!

Cholula Dec 10, 10 1:39 pm

Very, very :cool: !!

jyflyer Dec 10, 10 2:16 pm

Very touching. ^ Good job guys.

PTravel Dec 10, 10 2:23 pm

Great job! It makes me very proud of FlyerTalk.

paranoiatx Dec 10, 10 4:54 pm

Kudos to everyone who contributed. ^

And I expect we'll continue this generosity during SMD3!

N830MH Dec 10, 10 5:21 pm

Well done, Randy-San! ^^ Keep'em coming to donations for her especially late husband.

GoingAway Dec 10, 10 8:59 pm

Great job!!

FriendlySkies Dec 10, 10 9:42 pm

One of the many reasons that being a member on FT is so rewarding! Keep up the good work! :)^

LIH Prem Dec 10, 10 10:19 pm

^ nice to see where the donations are going.


ralfkrippner Dec 11, 10 6:16 am

Great ! I hope that we here at flyertalk continue to give back to others via such activities. ^

G_G Dec 11, 10 8:59 am

Congratulations for this great idea and for the contributors ^

beaubo Dec 11, 10 9:11 am

classy gesture

bsdstone Dec 11, 10 11:09 pm

Very nice!^

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