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Originally Posted by squeakr View Post
Thanks to everyone who prayed, got tested, PM'd me for more info and esp to lin821 who sent me info for the family. I do not know any more that that the match was found and he/she is Asian
I am so very glad to learn about this great exciting news!

I think the best thing for Natalie's family right now is to focus on her. I learned from their blog the transplant will be in early April. The most critical thing for Natalie between now and then is to stay strong and healthy. And keep her happy, of course! Just pass on my friendly reminders to the parents.

I don't want to take away the family's precious time to be and work with her. So I think I won't bother squeakr nor Natalie's family for any inside scoop. I will, however, keep following the blog to get updates. I am sure when things are all settled and the proper time comes, her parents will share their journey in much of details with the world.

I can't emphasize enough how important it is to get as many bone marrow registries as possible. You may be the only match for someone on the waiting list tens of thousand miles away. There's a global network. Try and search in your local area to see if there's such mechanism in place. If you are in the States, you even have the option of mail-in kits.

Besides the marrow donors registry in Tzu Chi Foundation, there is another big driving force in cancer treatment and research in Taiwan. A well-known Taiwanese billionaire, who lost wife to breast cancer and a younger brother to leukemia, has pledged billions of donation to establish advanced medical facilities like a proton therapy center (his story: here). That's one of the many reasons marrow donation get both good and more publicity here. The reputation and influence of Tzu Chi has encouraged more Taiwanese to become donors. There's still a strong cultural component in resistance to the concept/practice of organ or marrow donation though. OTOH, all these personal stories help build better public awareness.

I'll keep sending positive thought and energy to Natalie.
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some excellent news!

two donors were found, incl one from China - don;t know if that was due to lin's help/advice or not but here is the latest

Finding a Match to Save Natalie Nakatani's Life!
Thx to everyone for your prayers, God's answering them! She’s had time at home w/her family, which is awesome. Going forward, please pray for: 1) entire chemo & BMT process to go well 2) no complications, no infections 3) her body to totally accept BMT donor cells 4) her family to stay healthy 5) Pray she will be cured... of leukemia! **Her chemo starts Monday April 26 with the BMT following 9 days later.**

Thanks to EVERYONE who got tested and a special thanks to lin821 who provided the family with a LOT of donor info (and prayers. )

Keep those prayers coming...
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My friend T went through this the past year - we all got swabbed at work so that we could see if we were a match. A match was found (she is of Asian descent as well) and she had the transplant this last November. She is doing well. Point of this is that it takes moments for people to get swabbed and have their information put into the registry.

I am glad to hear that Natalie is doing well but would still encourage everybody to participate in the testing if you haven't thus far. You literally can save a life!
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Thumbs up bone marrow registration

I recall that for the last decade, at college and church, I've seen requests for Asian bone marrow donors since there're so few Asians who're registered, so I just registered and will pray for Natalie.
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The ease & convenience of swabbing at home is encouraging.
I'm so happy to hear that a match was found. As the parent of an 8 year old son I cannot imagine what this family is going thru, I will say a prayer for all of them.
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