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Meeting with Finnair team 28.11 @17:30

Meeting with Finnair team 28.11 @17:30

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Finnair Plus meets up with Flyertalkers!
28th November 17.30

Please register yourself here and send a PM to FinnairPlus account with your email address and AY+ number for the official invite.
Participants (limited to the 20 first):
1. lkrt
2. Tapio
4. cistavoda
5. Akkku
6. courmisch
7. jmmi
8. Jainzar
9. FFlash
10. Post Scriptum
11. vulle
12. temppa
13. intuition
14. Purjelentaja
15. Leo123
16. DALtoAAL
17. joonasv
18. Aviating

20. Napapiiri

Cleared, please recheck-in
21. ffay005
22. loimu

Stand-by waiting list
23. UpperDeck87K
24. Talonmies
25. feixing
26. manywhere
27. Steve_Hun
28. AY0005
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Old Nov 30, 18, 1:21 am
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Originally Posted by FinnairPlus View Post
yes, i will make sure this reaches the right people
Thanks for your perfect work here in the recent past. Any chance you could remain active and give us insights on some criticised topics? I believe that could help towards mutual understanding and service improvements.
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Old Nov 30, 18, 2:33 am
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A warm thank you to Finnair and @FinnairPlus for organizing such a wonderful event! Great meeting all of you, especially @Purjelentaja, @FFlash and @vulle. Great conversations all night long and even on the taxi ride home! Looking forward to more events in the future and have to be more active posting on FT as well.
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Old Nov 30, 18, 4:30 am
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I also wrote in the comments fields of the ranking paper some notes such as "this is nice here, but I know this will not be nice anymore once onboard" etc. just to highlight the fact that a chef's vision will not always be reproduced when offered onboard. It has to be taken into account and not always possible to fix. I hope they try their best to consider that.
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Old Dec 1, 18, 2:51 am
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Thanks AY team and special thanks AY Kitchen team.Amazing job!

Sadly I missed the kitchen tour but I had great event after all. It was nice to see AY team live and we had great chat with many of them.

Unfortunately I couldnt meet you all AY Flyertalkers there. I would like here your stories behind AY loyalty but we can do it next time.

In my back is live again, can walk again like humans do.
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Old Dec 1, 18, 9:01 am
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OT: I also feel that sometimes I am having a Flyertalker-back is it thanks to A359 seats or too much ATR?
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Old Dec 1, 18, 10:35 am
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Wanting for experience

Seems like it was an awesome event! Cant wait to try long haul Food next spring 😁

Actually when cooks plan dishes they should get to taste the real deal how it turns out to be on flight. Maybe that would help.to estimate what is not gonna work in real life.

I pre ordered few times the nice reindeer meal. It is kinda ok but always extremely overcooked and gets ofcource this liver type taste. I asked about this the cabin crew. They replied that it should be kept in oven shorter time but practically it is there as long as other food.

so the reindeer will always be overcooked 😆 what's the point in planning dishes that cannot be properly cooked during flight?
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Old Dec 1, 18, 2:03 pm
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Yeah, it was awesome, thanks to the Finnair kitchen, loyalty teams and everybody!

Rifter, the staff is well aware of that. Some of the meals were definitely too salty for ground level (to my taste anyway), for instance. But I reckon that was on purpose.
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Old Dec 8, 18, 4:18 am
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Good the know they are aware of the probems. Now we just need to wait someone actually do something about it ;-)

The food on board I have kinda dual relationship with it. For me the dinner and the service is big part of the travel and I enjoy it very much. On the other hand the food is often "just airplane food" and often unhealthy f. ex. the salt they put too much in it. As frequent flyer I wouldn't mind getting all meals low salt and everyone can add some if they need (cause obviously if added you cannot take it away). Unhealthy food combined with shifting time zones is a nice primer for future heart attacks ;-) Obviously I dont have an optimal solution to all this but happy to notice that Finnair is hopping in to the trend of offering healthier meals and low salt meal has been available for long time and it is not totally horrible. So maybe in future we get 1) more tasty meals and 2) more healthier options.
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Blueberry Saison is now in on LH C
Salmari is out
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How ofter are those meet-up's organised?
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