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Oneworld lounges at AY outstations

IATA code - Lounge Name
* Location:
* Overall:
* Food:
* Beverages:
* Wi-Fi:
* Amenities:

North America

JFK - Soho Lounge and Greenwich Lounge (SPBanker July 2023)
* Access rules: OWE for Soho (plus OW flight, obviously), OWS (plus OW flight, obviously) or Business Flex or Business Classic AY ticket for Greenwich
* Location: Soho Lounge above Gate 14 (daily: 4:30 a.m. 10:30 p.m.), Greenwich Lounge above Gate 12 (daily: 4:30 a.m. 1:15 a.m.)
* Food: Soho has a decent buffet (both cold and warm food) and one can order a few items from the a la carte list as well
* Wi-Fi: Decent speeds, business cards are usually given with the password from the dragon, alternatively available on placards throughout the lounge
* Amenities: Both lounges have showers, but one must register at the lounge check-in.

LAX - QF F lounge (ffay005 10/19)
* Access: Usual F lounge rules. Note that AY Platskus and Lumos can enter the lounge also when flying AA (even domestic). AA Terminals 4 and 5 are connected to TBIT airside.
* Location: in TBIT, after check-in, walk to the far south of the terminal. Take the elevator down to arrivals floor. When you exit, theres a dragon on your left who will let you through a deserted TSA theater mainly aimed at connecting pax (but anyone can use it). After the theater, theres an elevator that you take up to the fifth floor and then proceed right. After some walking, the lounge entrance is on your right hand side (right after the large windows overlooking the general TSA area)
* Overall: One of the best lounges in the US although not on par with most F lounges in the world. Basically one large room with lots of sofas, an a la carte dining area and a shower area.
* Food: A la Carte sit down dining. A fairly extensive breakfast menu until 11:30 and a full menu (that appears more limited) from noon onwards. No food 11:30-12:00. Food is not top notch but you will not go hungry.
* Beverages:
* Wi-Fi: Good WiFi available. Password signposted in the lounge.
* Amenities: Basic showers, nothing fancy
LAX - AA Flagship Lounge T4 (mhle, November 2019)
* Access: Same rules as for the other Flagship lounges in the US. Both AY Platinum and Gold give access, if flying OW (either domestic or international). The agent downstairs provides a black invitation card and after taking the elevator upstairs, another agent collects the invitation card back and asks to turn left. The regular Admirals Club is on the right hand side.
* Location: The lounge is in Terminal 4. All terminals are connected air side in LAX and it is about 7 minute walk from the international terminal (TBIT) using the underground passage. Finnair is using TBIT. If entering from Terminal 4, the lounge is immediately after the security. If flying domestic regional with American Eagle, it is good to notice these flights typically leave from a remote terminal which requires a bus ride and takes some time (would reserve 30 minutes to reach the remote terminal). There is a basic Admirals Club also in the remote terminal (have not tested it).
* Overall: Similarly as the other Flagship lounges, a very nice lounge. Compared to Qantas F lounge in TBIT, this lounge has big windows and great tarmac views. There is the buffet area with tables, different sitting areas and a business center. This lounge tends to be more crowded than Qantas F, but usually it is fairly easy to find a seat/table in any of the different sections. There is also a separate Flagship Dining section (premium a la carte), but this section is only available when flying international or transcontinental First Class with 3-class service. If flying AY2 (and if time allows), my preferred routine is to have beer and starters at the Flagship lounge and champagne and main course (+dessert) at Qantas F.
* Food: Buffet with a nice breakfast spread (including several warm options) and later during the day multiple warm food options as well. There is also a cooking station with a cook preparing the special of the day. No a la carte. If visiting both Flagship and Qantas F, I like to eat something small from the buffet as a starter and then head to Qantas F for the main course and dessert.
* Beverages: Compared to Qantas F, Flagship lounge wins regarding the beer selection, with multiple local craft beer options, typically from less known microbreweries. There is also champagne, but only one option which often has been less premium than any of the 3 options at Qantas F (although, unexpectedly, they once had Bollinger, which supersedes all options at Qantas F). The champagne is available as a self-serve. If visiting both Flagship and Qantas F, I like to have a beer (or 2) at the Flagship lounge and then a glass (or 2) of champagne, or alternatively cocktails at Qantas F. In contrast to Qantas F, there is no manned bar.
* Wi-Fi: works well, password required (same as in all AA lounges), the agent offers a card with the password when entering the lounge.
* Amenities: AA service center, Business center, showers (have not tested).

LAX - OW J lounge
LAX - AA Admirals Club T4
LAX - AA Admirals Club, regional remote terminal

MIA - AA Admirals Club

MIA - AA Flagship Lounge (Steve_Hun, 21.11.2019)
* Access rules: OW flight, OWE/OWS (AA PLT, PRO and EXP require itinerary outside North America excluding Mexico City).

* Location: Flagship Lounge located in North Terminal, Concourse D, Opposite Gate D30.

* Overall: This was my first experience with AAs Flagship Lounge network and have to say that after some dreadful experiences with their Admirals Clubs, it was really refreshing to see a nice lounge. On the departure level at gate D30 youll find one joint entrance for one of the MIA Admirals Club and the Flagship Lounge. When checking in, eligible passengers receive a black invitation card. Then youll either take the stairs or the elevator one floor up, and using this invitation, you can enter the Flagship Lounge. The FL itself is really big, with various different areas. Showers are immediately to the right when entering the FL. Behind them you can find a quiet area, with some loungers/day beds, that you can rest on. Close to this there is a small snack area with one of the available two soups offered there, with nuts, crackers, etc. The main dining area of the lounge has a buffet selection and at certain hours (at least during the afternoon I think it was between 17:00 and 19:00), there is also a live station. Bar is self-service with pretty good quality liquors.

* Food: There is a large selection in the buffet. When I was there, there were three main options (a meet, a sea food and a vegetarian), with two sides. Two different soups were on offer. Various salads, colt cuts, etc. are also available. Dessert selection was also good. The live station was "live" in a sense that it was manned and the person was serving the meal by portion, but he was just putting it together, not actually cooking it in front of you.

* Beverages: Self-service bar (including Besserat de Bellefon champagne => first time drinking this champagne, beats AYs JP hands down), with a wide selection of higher quality liquor also available. If you are a bit weird like me with your soft drink habits (I know, should have stayed with the fruit salad), then youll appreciate the Coca Cola Freestyle machine, that offers all sorts of (normally not available) crazy flavours of the usual Coke brands.

*Wi-Fi: Fast internet connection, separate from the airports public one. Password is displayed on many tables around the lounge, but I also received a business card when entering with the password on it.

* Amenities: Showers required registering. Once available they call your name, but it was barely audible in the dining area, so Id recommend sticking around to wait for your call. There are quite a few showers, so the queue was moving fast. Travel assistance available for AA pax. Plenty of AC power sockets around, so no problem with charging your device (obviously, the sockets are North American type ones, so youll need an adapter for your EU chargers).

MIA - AA Premium Lounge Concourse E
AY normally operates out of Concourse E at MIA which houses the AA Premium Lounge, the only type in the AA system. Selection is better than your average Admirals Club and self serve liquor is available.

ORD - BA Lounge: Denies access
ORD AA Flagship Lounge Only worth visiting if layover before AY10 is 3h+ (miamiflyer8 2019)
* Access rules: OW flight, OWE/OWS (AA PLT, PRO and EXP require itinerary outside North America excluding Mexico City) and J/F class required. Statusless passenger arriving on AY9 in J can use the lounge with a connecting boarding pass to an AA flight even if on a separate ticket.

* Location: Located in the divider between concourses H/K. Lounge entrance is shared with the Admirals Club located on the 3rd floor, customers qualifying for the FL get an invitation card that is issued for the according amount of people in one party. Card is collecting upon reaching the 2nd floor.

* Overall: The space is crowded but finding seating isn't usually a trouble. Good tarmac views. Staff can be from overly friendly to incredibly rude who interrupt the customers chance to have their say. Travel assistance desks available inside the FL. If accessing before AY10 keep in mind the transfer to T5, NOW SUSPENDED airside buses used to depart from gates B1, G17, K20 and L24. K20 is a 5 minute walk away, keep in mind the wait for the shuttle could be up to 30 minutes if arriving at the wrong time. Have passports and boarding cards (or any itinerary departing T5) ready as those are checked three (!!!) times before being allowed to get on the shuttle.

* Food: Buffet is better than the JFK location as this location does not have a dining area, live cooking station is available with a rotating selection.

* Beverages: All self serve.
*Wi-Fi: Decent speeds, business cards are usually given with the password from the dragon, alternatively available on placards throughout the lounge

* Amenities: Showers available

SFO - CX Lounge
SFO - BA Lounge, denies access
SFO - JL Sakura Lounge


BKK - QR Premium Lounge (ffay005 9/19)
* Access rules: OW flight, OWE/OWS and J/F class required. Hours: 6:25-8:50, 16:35-20:10, 22:45-04:50
* Location: After fast lane security, walk straight ahead and take the escalator down to level 3. Lounge is opposite gate D8.
* Overall: Very attentive and friendly staff. Lounge tends to be empty before AY morning departures (3/19; 9/19).
* Food: Buffet breakfast with la carte eggs. Ice cream available on request.
* Beverages: Bar (non-self-serve). Self-serve soft drinks.
* Wi-Fi: Fast and reliable. Password 1357924680. No need to register etc.
* Amenities: Showers.

BKK - JL Sakura Lounge
BKK - CX Lounge

DXB - BA Lounge (ffay005 1/20)
* Location: after Duty Free, take escalator up to 2nd floor and turn left
* Overall: small and dark
* Food: none; some very basic snacks
* Beverages: alcoholic and soft drinks, beer, self-serve
* Wi-Fi: ?
* Amenities: none
HKG - CX The Wing F (ffay005 9/19)
* Location: Gate 2
* Overall: Average lounge facilities, perhaps a bit noisy because the lounge is on a balcony above the main terminal.
* Food: Buffet with good quality cold cuts and appetizers, desserts, cakes etc. la carte sit-down dining with a limited menu.
* Beverages:
* Wi-Fi: Fast and reliable. Password cathay1234 (9/19). No need to register etc.
* Amenities: Cabanas = private rooms that include a bathtub, shower and desk; very limited availabiity. Showers.

HKG - CX The Pier F (ffay005 9/19) - temporarily closed
* Location: Gate 63, one floor down from departures
* Overall: The lounge consists of several rooms and feels homely and serene.
* Food: Buffet wth good quality cold cuts and appetizers, desserts, cakes etc. la carte sit-down dining with a fairly extensive menu including appetizers, main courses and desserts.
* Beverages:
* Wi-Fi: Fast and reliable. Password cathay1234 (9/19). No need to register etc.
* Amenities: Day suites = small private nooks with a daybed, closed off by thick curtains. Limited to 90 min use per pax. 15 minute massages. Showers.

HKG - CX The Wing J - temporarily closed
HKG - CX The Deck J
HKG - CX The Pier J
HKG - QF Lounge - reopening soon

KIX - JL Sakura Lounge

NGO - JL Sakura Lounge

NRT - JL First Class Lounge
NRT - JL Sakura Lounge
NRT - AA Admirals Club
NRT - QF Lounge
NRT - CX Lounge
SIN [djsflynn, 22/11/19]
At the time of writing there are three Oneworld lounges at SIN T1 2 x QF, 1 x BA with a fourth (QR) due to open in Q1 2020. All lounges are on the upper or mezzanine level, one floor above the gates.
Location: approx halfway along T1's main retail strip, but a bit closer to the C gates: if you are entering T1, turn left after immigration and walk a few minutes, watch for the escalators on your right.
Overall: not the very latest BA style but a step up from LHR. This is a business class lounge, there is a small Concorde Room off to one side for first class flyers but not OWE, the door is closed and accessed by a four-digit PIN that said, ahead of BA12 and BA16 (and especially during the transit period for BA16) the door opens and closes a lot as pax go in and out, and it's quite easy just to wander in as if you belong, as the entry is not policed. In fact, when you stop at the BA lounge reception to show your boarding pass, if you look at the counter of the desk in front of the receptionist you may well see off to one side a tear-off sheet with the PIN codes, as handed out to F passengers. A sneaky person who can quickly glance at this, read the numbers upside down and memorise them could use this to access the Concorde Room. Not that I'm suggesting you do this. No, not at all. Anyway, the room's a bit of a dark dungeon and has little to commend it over the rest of the lounge. The main lounge is long, bright and airy, f&b in the middle and a quiet area down the back including a business area, although why they also thought to plonk a TV there with the volume turned up mystifies me.
Food: Self-serve buffet, decent selection, try the satay.
Beverages: Decent selection. Drinks are self-pour, Champagne by request
Wi-Fi: Fast, password-protected.
Amenities: Showers.
QF business class lounge
Location: almost next to the BA lounge. As you walk towards the BA lounge, instead of veering right, keep going straight ahead.
Overall: not everyone is a fan of the design, or of the fact that Champagne is available only to The Chosen Few (first class, QF Platinum One and Chairman's Lounge members). Personally it's fine and functional, contemporary if not cutting-edge. Ahead of AY132's 2345 departure you will be in the mix with an A380's worth of transit passengers arriving and then departing on QF1 but there should still be ample room. V-shaped layout with seating area on one 'wing', dining area and showers beyond that on the other 'wing', with a long tended bar in the middle.
Food: Two 'plates of the day' made to order at the open kitchen, with a fortnightly rotation; servings are not super-large so you can if you wish try both. Extensive self-serve buffet with hot and cold dishes, really good selection of salads and desserts.
Beverages: Great choice at the bar, cocktails a speciality, and they do a great espresso martini.
Wi-Fi: very fast, don't think it's password-protected these days.
Amenities: Showers. A lot of showers.
QF first class lounge *newly opened as at 22/22/19*
Location: nowhere near the QF business class lounge. It's actually over at the start of the D gates wing. Once you go through immigration, turn right (not left, as for the QF business class lounge and also BA), walk down to the end of the terminal, by memory there's a newsagent at the left and just near that are escalators to the upper level: signage will indicate this is for the QF First lounge, it's also where you go for the Aerotel and swimming pool.
Overall: Newest lounge in the Qantas network, a fresh design compared to other QF F lounges, very contemporary and clear local influences in greenery and woods. About half the space is given over to the dining room, but there's plenty of casual seating and workspace, plus there are two bars. Must be something about us Aussies...
Food: Entirely la carte, with a very appealing menu if you've tried the SYD or MEL QF F lounges you know roughly what to expect. The salt & pepper calamari is an iconic QF F lounge dish but don't overlook dishes with local influence.
Beverages: Proper Champagne (three choices) and great cocktails. Did I mention that there are two bars?
Wi-Fi: very very fast, 150-250Mbps depending on how many people are in the lounge.
Amenities: Showers, and two bars.
QR Premium Lounge *expected to open late Q1, 2020*
Location: along C gates wing, upstairs, across from the EK and Plaza Premium lounges.
Overall: expect similar design and offerings as QR BKK including 'deli-style' buffet plus la carte dining room and a bar. Just one bar, though. Not like the Qantas First Lounge.
NB: It's expected that the QR SIN lounge will have same access policy as BKK, ie only 'premium' class (business & first) passengers, so no entry if you are OWE or OWS in economy.

Europe (this section is probably incomplete)

FCO - BA Lounge (non-Schengen, you can access the lounge on a departing AY flight only if you are connecting and flying in from non-Schengen)

FRA - CX Lounge
FRA - JL First Lounge
FRA - JL Sakura Lounge

LHR - AA Admirals Club
LHR - AA International First Class Lounge
LHR - QF Lounge (ffay005 3/19)
* Location: T3
* Overall: A large lounge, set up on two floors. Prepare to lug your carry-on up the stairs.
* Food: Upstairs, theres an extensive buffet with lots of cold items and some mediocre hot food. Downstairs, theres a sit-down la carte service, in theory. When I was there at 6 pm, they only had some snack type of food and ice cream so I was better off with the buffet upstairs.
* Beverages:
* Wi-Fi:
* Amenities:
LHR - CX First Lounge (ffay 5/19)
* Location: T3
* Overall: The lounge isnt huge, and it might be busy especially in the evening, but theres always room, though
* Food: Limited cold snack buffet with sweet and savoury items. la carte three course sit down dining.
* Beverages: Several foreign beers
* Wi-Fi: Fast and reliable. Password needed. No need to register etc.
* Amenities: Showers.
LHR - CX J Lounge
LHR - BA Galleries First Lounge
LHR - BA Galleries Club Lounge

TXL - Lounge Tempelhof

MAD - IB Sala Dali (Schengen)

MAD - IB Sala Velazques (non-Schengen) (deissi 12/19)
* Location: Non-schengen departure hall, next to the big duty free shop
* Overall: Relatively large lounge with apron views. Seating mainly consists of lounge chairs.
* Food: Buffet food available at least during the evening Latin America departure wave.
* Beverages: The usual spread of soft drinks, water, juice, wine and beer available.
* Wi-Fi: Fast.
* Amenities: At least toilets.
CDG - CX J/F lounge T2 connector (T2A/T2C) (deissi 12/19)
* Location: T2 connector between T2A/T2C (non-schengen). Access from opposite to the duty free shop and up the stairs.
* Overall: Medium-sized lounge with apron views. Seating mainly consists of lounge chairs. Relatively modest for a CX lounge.
* Food: Buffet food available as well as a small noodle bar a la carte.
* Beverages: The usual spread of soft drinks, water, juice, wine and beer available.
* Wi-Fi: Available, but did not work very well.
* Amenities: Toilets.

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OW lounges at Finnair outstations

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Originally Posted by miamiflyer8

On paper, J Light fares are excluded from OW policy. However, you may get lucky with a dragon who'll let you in anyway.
Good to know this 😯. Because we got access to The Pier a few times with upgraded J ticket (status, silver and basic). Tickets were upgraded from Y light, so I think our tickets were Business Light.

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Originally Posted by cantongirl
Good to know this 😯. Because we got access to The Pier a few times with upgraded J ticket (status, silver and basic). Tickets were upgraded from Y light, so I think our tickets were Business Light.
Well, in this case since you upgraded, you are considered a "regular" J pax (similar to award tickets) regardless of what Y fare you booked.
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