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quank Dec 22, 10 11:34 pm

It's Christmas - Did you ask "Fairmont Claus" for anything?
Some of the threads about upgrades and plat gifts got me wondering if there will be any changes to the program in 2011-12. This thread is pretty good at reporting back experiences to FT'ers but thought it might be interesting to see what is on your wish lists for Fairmont.

How about I start? What I think would be nice.... when using suite upgrades, hotels are encouraged to give us a better suite if it's available at check-in.

Jasper2009 Dec 23, 10 2:46 am

From my experience with various programs I think its best to hope nothing changes. :cool:

The current system works great for me, and as long as they repeat their Sweet Suite promo again, Im sure theyll get a large amount of business from me next year.

That being said, I would appreciate the following improvements:

1) guaranteed upgrade to a one-bedroom suite (no "your room has two chairs and is 5 sq.ft. larger, so we call it a junior suite and will only upgrade you to this suite" garbage)

2) allowing Plats to use the suite upgrade cert to upgrade from a Gold room to a Gold Suite

3) allowing Plats access to the Gold lounge for a flat rate (maybe $99)

4) upgrade to the best room/suite available at check-in (when using an upgrade cert) incl. specialty suites

5) discount on minibar items, maybe 50% off on all minibar charges, or complimentary non-alcoholic beverages (I think Fairmont would actually increase revenues if they had reasonable prices for their regular customers who often stay for leisure; Im willing to pay $2 for a can of coke which still gives Fairmont a 300%-500% profit margin, but $5 for a can of coke? No thanks)

Not sure how many Plats actually qualify the "traditional way" (10 stays/30nights) vs. getting a fast track via Amex Plat/comp. status via Amex Centurion, but Fairmont could consider offering some of the above peks only to those who stay 30 nights per year.

Ancien Maestro Dec 23, 10 7:58 am

How bout letting Platinum members use suite upgrades during Christmas week. Seems always blacked out, and one of the reasons why we didn't give Fairmont business during this peak season.. of course, this maybe too much to ask.:)

Maxfinder Dec 26, 10 11:13 pm

Free Willow Stream Spa access for Platinum members!

Ancien Maestro Dec 27, 10 9:34 am

Originally Posted by Maxfinder (Post 15528183)
Free Willow Stream Spa access for Platinum members!

How bout all of the certificates and benefits restored to the program prior to 2005 blowup when all the benefits were cut in more than half.:D

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