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Jumbo Stay Arlanda Airport (Stockholm) - Boeing 747 Aircraft Converted to Hostel

Jumbo Stay Arlanda Airport (Stockholm) - Boeing 747 Aircraft Converted to Hostel


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Jumbo Stay Arlanda Airport (Stockholm) - Boeing 747 Aircraft Converted to Hostel

Jumbo Stay - Hostel

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Jumbo Stay - Hostel

Jumbovagen 4 Arlanda, SE 19047

Jumbo Stay Arlanda Airport (Stockholm) - Boeing 747 Aircraft Converted to Hostel (19 Photos)

Jumbo Stay - Hostel

We needed an overnight at ARN airport and considered traditional hotels but none of them seem to get great reviews.  Instead for a special experience I booked the black box suite at Jumbo Stay for 1700 SEK which is not cheap by any means but I liked the uniqueness of it rather than pay a high price for a forgettable hotel in a chain where I am not a frequent traveler anyway and therefore without any elite perks.  Except for luxury travelers who only want to stay in luxury hotels regardless where they go, I would say if you are willing to deal with some hostel-like features, I can recommend Jumbo Stay and it will be a more memorable stay than some run-of-the-mill airport hotel.  

This “hotel” or rather hostel was built from a Boeing 747 which used to be flown by Singapore Airlines and subsequently Pan Am and Transjet until the old wreck was sold to be transformed into Jumbo Stay which opened 10 years ago.  



Many rooms in Jumbo Stay are dorms so you share the room with one or a few strangers which might be suitable for young solo travelers but as a couple we booked the black box suite which has its own toilet and shower and privacy that you would get in a standard hotel.  Because the black box suite is at the very back of the airplane we did not get heavy foot traffic like the rooms in the middle of the aircraft body and we did not hear people talking.  


We only shared a wall with one of the three public toilets / showers in the back of the plane.  For hotel standards the room (or “suite”) is quite small but that is not the point of staying there.  The wall above the bed has a picture of the sky, there is a flat screen TV right in front of the bed and some counter space, and on one wall you have an emergency exit door with window and closer to the bathroom door a couple more aircraft windows which you can cover with a curtain unlike the window at the emergency exit door which we covered with bed cushions to avoid day light in the room before we were supposed to wake up for our morning flight.  The bathroom is small like… an airplane bathroom.  They squeezed a shower in there, it’s basically circular shape with a curtain all around so no space to move at all.  Water pressure was quite good in fact we had minor flooding on the floor of the bathroom after our shower.  This is basically a hostel so do not expect the same level of cleanliness as in a 5-star hotel – we saw hair between the two mattresses and the floor was not that clean, same for the colorful bed cover which we ended up removing.  


Since the black box suite is one of the premium rooms at Jumbo Stay, we had free drinks in the fridge – a couple of mini-bottles of Cava and two bottles of sparking water, along with a chocolate bar.  We also had a neck pillow and coaster of Jumbo Stay as a souvenir to take home.  


It’s not a hotel with regular kind of walls so don’t have too high expectations about soundproofing.  While the position of our room on the aircraft limited how much talking we could hear, instead we could clearly hear the doors of toilet/showers closing on a regular basis during the evening.  They have a sign in the hallway instructing guests to stay quiet because they know they will be heard by sleeping or relaxing guests.  

The aircraft has other “special” room types such as the engine rooms and wheelhouse rooms which are only accessed from the outside. This is probably less convenient in the winter if you need to go to the bathroom in the main body of the aircraft, but possibly a unique experience nonetheless.  Besides the black box suite, the other premium room is the cockpit room which is above reception and also has its own private bathroom.



Breakfast is free for private rooms but not included for people in dorms who can pay for it instead.  Timing of breakfast is far more convenient than I have ever seen from any airport hotel given that some people have early flights: breakfast starts at 3am.  Offerings are quite basic and we did not partake; instead we preferred to have breakfast in the airport lounge.  They had raw veggies like tomatoes, cucumbers, and red bell peppers, the only fruits I saw was clementines, and they had pastries and cereals as well.  


Service is not a reason you should come to Jumbo Stay since it’s a hostel.  That said, the receptionist was very friendly and helpful, and they also have snacks available such as sandwiches, pizza, and a bar for people to mingle and have a drink in the mini dining room near reception.  


Regarding check-in and check-out time, I would note the limited service aspect: you must check-out by 10am which is quite stringent. So early breakfast is a nice feature but if you have a late flight and want to keep your room until the afternoon then booking at Jumbo Stay might not be the best choice.  


The location of Jumbo Stay is easily accessible from the airport with a free shuttle bus making a few stops including Radisson Blu and other hotels, with good frequency every 15 minutes.


Wifi is free for all guests and was decent with 10 Mbps download.


Overall this place is not very cheap for the room you get if comparing with a hotel, but what you pay for is the special experience in my opinion which is worth it especially if you can get the black box suite or the cockpit room.  Those two rooms are probably the most akin to a hotel room due to having a private shower and toilet, unlike other rooms in the aircraft. We will remember our stay there far more than we will ever remember any mediocre airport hotel in random cities of the world.  

Jumbo Stay Arlanda Airport (Stockholm) - Boeing 747 Aircraft Converted to Hostel

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