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Stay Report: Hilton Munich Park (without a trace of human habitation)

Stay Report: Hilton Munich Park (without a trace of human habitation)

Old Jan 15, 18, 12:20 pm
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Stay Report: Hilton Munich Park (without a trace of human habitation)

Hilton Munich Park

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Hilton Munich Park

Am Tucherpark 7 Munich, DE 80538

Stay Report: Hilton Munich Park (without a trace of human habitation) (0 Photo)

Hilton Munich Park

As I am writing this review, I started to regret why I didn't think twice before I book this Hilton property just to save 30 Euros compared to Hilton Munich Airport, If you are thinking that sounds like worthy to save such amount, just wait til you find out that it would cost around 60 Euros to get there by taxi from Munich airport one way; the cheaper alternative would be a train plus bus journey up to an hour which set you around 12 Euros. I blame myself for this one as I thought surely the executive lounge's happy hour would compensate for some of burden to allow such money-saving wisdom work.Keeping reading as you will find out what it really takes for Hilton to claim they have a lounge.


Check In

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Check In:


I am starting to develop a cold motionlessly nice check-in face lately, you know quoting from Jaden Smith: "I am just an icon living". The fake greetings and smile followed by me handing them my passport, a bounch of procedure welcomes and informative intros to the property, A pair of room keys was handed to me for my room 1125 at the executive floor.


The hotel is nice but the design somewhat looked a bit like a decade ago, it got the space and the fancy touches, but not the charm. 


The room I entered was simple and sizeble, although you can start to see some of the furniture starting to have tear and wear.


The room includes many standard amenities like mini bar and safe, but one thing in particular is missing - coffee machine. Was there never a plan to feature such obnoxious accessory or may it be that the hotel has deliberately removed it? I never found out during my stay, but a slight suggestion of the fact that maybe they are preparing to closed down this Hilton property and already started to selling parts to get a head start popped up in my head. It was not until I checked out the executive lounge that have deepened my prediction.

Two bottles of big water was provided, one sparkling one still, that is actually pretty nice compared to other properties, or maybe it's just because they are closing soon, so might as well empty inventories on a faster paste.



A sofa on the side, also a nice touch, it's actually a very big room, if they don't out in a side couch, it would be too empty to some extent.

The view outside is supposingly a huge park, however the weather is rather foggy during the time of my stay.

The balcony is somewhat dilapidated, have they thought about having better flooring or maybe put up a set of armchairs? 

In front of the hotel building, it's an office complex but it's completely quiet, as I was staying there on a Sunday as well as the new year has just ended, probably.

Amenity details: 

The mini-bar has a decent selection and the extra space for storing your own stuff is also prepared, nice.



The Toilet:


All of the amenity kits was standard Hilton fashion, but one thing really lower the standards it's the wall's ceramic tiles, it's something you hardly see anymore in many upper class hotels today.

I will give the sink panel a pass, but the feeling of it being a great hotel in the 90s made me feel uncertain whether they are planning to stay in business anymore.

Bottom Line:


As you've made it so far to read this article, you might be wondering, where's the lounge pictures? Glad you asked, I didn't managed to get any pictures during my visit to the lounge, let me explain the situation here, when I used my room key to open the glass door of the lounge, a lady receptionist was working on the desk, after I said hi and walked pass him to enter the seating and serving area, a Korean family of 4 was taking over the space next to the short counter serving soft drinks, it was fine, they were a happy family, everyone busy drinking and eating and talking. Their kids got stuff dropped everywhere both on the table and the floor, but it's fine though, who am I to judge others. Other than soft drinks, there was a freezer fridge having clearly wine bottles in it, but a layer of old hard paper covered the majority of the glass door of the freezer, I tried to open it even though I did not want to have wine by then, it was locked, like they are planning to shut down the whole thing.


What about food, you may ask? There was barely any, gummy bears and chips each in a jar was placed next to the drinks, other than that, 3 pastries was plated on the other side of the room, and that's it. I didn't bother to take any pictures as first I didn't want the receptionist lady to raise any suspicion, and also the Korean family must be thinking I have no class if I will take pictures of such things.


The hotel has a very nice infrastructure built up and amazing surroundings if their soft product and furnishing can be updated, unfortunately I fail to see they have such plan in the near future. 


So stay score: 3/10, for mainly the hotel is old and deserted, also for lacking any easy and frequent transportation possibilities, also low standard lounge facilities, and ..., okay, I am just not going to list everything again.


Have you had any experience that is better at this Hilton property?

Stay Report: Hilton Munich Park (without a trace of human habitation)

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