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What to do in Switzerland near Interlaken if it is raining?

What to do in Switzerland near Interlaken if it is raining?


Old May 26, 19, 8:43 am
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What to do in Switzerland near Interlaken if it is raining?

We will be in the Interlaken area in early June. Wife and two kids 13 & 15.
Right now the long term forecast is rain or thunderstorms every day. We have 5 nights of pre-paid lodging in the Interlaken area. So, no easy way to change destination.
Our plans were for lots of outdoor activities - Top of the World, hiking, summer coasters, etc.
From what we are told, going up anywhere during rainy weather is useless.

So, now we need other ideas. We have a car, so we can go almost anywhere, but need to use the Interlaken area as a base.
Our kids like active things rather than endless museums, historical sites. This could be a challenge now.

Any ideas are welcome.
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Old May 26, 19, 3:01 pm
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Weather forecast in Switzerland, especially the more mountain areas, can change rather quickly. I'd not count on it unless it's a very stable situation (rarely in June)

Even with rain, June usually is reasonable warm - ie perfect for outdoor activities. Bring good clothes and shoes, and you can still enjoy outdoor even with some rain (rarely Singapore-style tormential, but just light rain is more often than not the case)

While some places - due to a rather cold spring so far - might be off limits or a bit extreme (swimming in the lake, as an example) there are still activies you can enjoy.

Actually, due to the cold weather in spring, most mountains are still covered with snow, thus higher-up hiking is probably not possible in quite some areas. Lower mountains/hills are definitely an option, in my opinion even with rainy weather. Not every day, of course.

Weather in Switzerland might be VERY local indeed - example, it could be sunny in Vallais, while it's raining in Interlaken. While I'd say that taking public transport is the better way to experience Switzerland, you could also drive there (a bit slower than taking the train, of course) if you're after the sun. Or heading towards Lucerne over the Brünnig Pass - possibly another weather situation, too. And actually a nice hiking area.

Then you get some cities to visit. I'd not miss out Thun when you're in the area. Obviously Bern deserves a visit. Lucerne is extremely touristic, but worth a visit too. If you're after a reasonable big city, Zürich is your destination. All possible within 1 day.

Depends really if you'd like to see smaller, historic towns (quite a few of them, not THAT much near Interlaken, but as a base, it will do) - Freiburg (Fribourg) and Romont would go well as a day-trip, with one way along the highway, and the return through the area of Broc -Val-De-Charmey, Jaun, then down the Simmental.

As said above, another day trip could be Zürich and Lucerne, including a ride on a boat on Lake Lucerne (Vierwaldstädtersee)

Most of my experience comes from taking public transport - driving in Switzerland can be annoying, and pay attention to the parking fees. So others might have better ideas.

All said, I'd have some city-day trips in head in case of really bad weather, otherwise be a bit flexible on when doing what kind of hike depending on local weather, and basically just enjoy the nature (and fresh air) of Switzerland - weather doesn't really make THAT much of a difference in my opinion if you've prepared for it.

Oh, and last but not least: In Interlaken itself, the Naturschutzgebiet Weissenau and it's historic castle/harbour Weissenau makes for a nice short visit that hardly any tourist knows about.

Food wise, check out the "Hafepintli" in Därligen - one of my favorite basic restaurants at a lake, for some authentic experience. When weather allows only, of course.

Otherwise, food in Interlaken is HEAVILY touristic. You might want to head to the Migros Restaurant at least once

Monday to Friday, most (not soooo) touristic restaurants will offer a reasonable prices lunch meal. But be prepared for evening dinner to take quite a tool on your purse. In today's world, Google Maps / Tripadvisor do a reasonable good job of warning you of the worst places I guess.

If I'm having time while you're here, I'll be happy to give some more suggestions (when the exact conditions about weather are more realistic to forecast) or showing you in person some of my countries beauty. I do enjoy hiking in the area myself a lot, and probably will be there 8th-10th June anyway.
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Old May 26, 19, 8:22 pm
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Wow, thanks for all the great info. Was hoping we could “chase the sun”. Sounds like that is very possible.
We are coming from Munich and the on to Rust Germany, so we had to get a car. But not opposed to leaving the car and taking a train.
Happy to brave the weather, it was just that some destinations were based on the view.
we will be there from the 7-12th. Then in Basel for Art Basel on the 15th-16th.
Thanks again!
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Old Jun 1, 19, 4:44 pm
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A bit more help regarding Jungfraujoch

We would like to do the Top of the World and some other activities in the area, including Grindelwald and Harder Klum. The website, www.jungfrau.ch, is not the most helpful.

Since the weather is sketchy, and based on advice here, I don't want to commit to a particular day. Prices without any sort of discount card are very expensive. Trying to figure out what is the best way to save money.
It seem like the half price card may be the way to go, but without knowing exactly what we are doing, I am not so sure. We are a family of 4 with two kids ages 13 & 15.

Can we do Top of the World and Grindelwald and/or Harder Klum in one day? Are they separate train tickets? Should we plan visiting them on different days?
Since we have a car, can we drive to any of these? Does that save money? It did not seem to, on the website.

When we look at tickets to the Top of the World on their website, it shows options for adult, half price cards and kids without family card. What is a family card? I could not find that anywhere.
Can we buy a half price card the same time we buy tickets? I don't really want to spend a couple hundred dollars and then be rained out on the trip (or even other cog trains, gondolas, etc.)

Any advice is welcome. Thanks!
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