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11 nights in the destination hotels of London, Paris, or Rome for less than $4000?

11 nights in the destination hotels of London, Paris, or Rome for less than $4000?

Old Jan 3, 19, 9:32 am
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11 nights in the destination hotels of London, Paris, or Rome for less than $4000?

I'm planning a solo trip to one of the above destinations end of August. I'm budgeting myself to $4000 for 11 days for the hotel including taxes. That is $364/night. I think I must be in the least "connected" industry in the world, medicine, I don't know how people stay in the most expensive suites of the most expensive hotels all the time unless they are fabulously wealthy or their stay is paid for. I got nothin', no opportunity for tax breaks. Nothin'.
Can anyone propose a method for adhering to my budget without "slumming it"? Hotels that at first glance seem affordable to me and interesting are Dukes in London, the Raphael in Paris (which I have stayed in and enjoyed), or Grand Hotel Minerva in Rome. But I would like to stay in a hotel I CAN'T afford!
I am also not clear how I identify a Virtuoso travel agent or any travel agent at all. I have Starwood rewards but their rates for points appear horrendous.
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Old Jan 3, 19, 9:47 am
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I do not think that budget will buy anything close to a high end hotel for eleven nights in those cities. If you could increase that budget somewhat, you might be able to stay at a high end hotel in one of those destinations, if you scaled back on the other destinations.

What about traveling in Eastern Europe? You currently want to go to some of the most expensive cities in the world for hotels. In Paris and London luxury accommodation can easily exceed $1,000 per night.
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Old Jan 3, 19, 9:56 am
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If you have (former) SPG points, check your balance as they were multiplied by three due to the merger. Remember also that you still get the fifth night free on award bookings. Sometimes you can use points for the most expensive (five consecutive) nights of a reservation and pay for the cheaper dates. Look also for AAA etc. rates if you're qualified to use them.

August is somewhat of a low season in Paris as the French take month long vacations then, generally in southern France or other vacation areas, not on extended trips to Paris. For the same reason, business travel to Paris is very low during this period. Due to this, I'd be tempted to suggest focusing on Paris, but you should know that many of the top (authentic) restaurants will be closed.

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Also, do you have a Citi Prestige? You could conceivably get close by making two (or three, if you stretch to 12 nights) bookings with them ... all the more so if you can find properties with 3rd Night Free offers. If so you could effectively create a "Stay 12, Pay 6" package, which would then, given your budget, possibly work out.
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Old Jan 3, 19, 10:46 am
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This thread is more about saving money on hotels than on luxury hotels, so I am moving it to the Europe forum where it should get a wider response.

RichardInSF, moderator, luxury hotels and travel
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Old Jan 3, 19, 10:55 am
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AmEx PTS/CTS sometimes has third (or whatever) night free offers for some of their FHR properties in these cities. You could also check Virtuoso, the Belmond frequent guest program, etc. for similar offers.
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Old Jan 3, 19, 11:49 am
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A $4,000 budget will buy very nice hotel accommodation in many wonderful places in Eastern Europe. In some cases the best hotel in town, but definitely good accommodation virtually anywhere. Budapest, Prague, Ljubljana, Gdansk, Krakow, Warsaw, etc... are all lovely authentic places that are absolutely worth visiting, even if one has an unlimited budget.

Paris and London in Particular are exorbitantly expensive for hotel accommodation. Unfortunately this has only exacerbated in recent decades.

However, as eleven nights is a relatively long stay in one place, I think you could definitely get a fantastic vacation rental apartment, or a lovely boutique hotel in certain places.

By the way, how many Marriott (formerly Starwood) points do you have? If you have sufficient points, you could get a few nights at an hotel such as Prince de Galles, St. Regis Rome, or Park Tower Knightsbridge, etc... if you did want to have a nice hotel stay as well.

There is no way in the world that you are going to get a top hotel in Rome, Paris, or London for anything close to $4k for eleven days. But an out of the box solution like I mention above should be totally possible.
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Old Jan 3, 19, 12:01 pm
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I understand what you mean. First rule is to be flexible. If you wonna stay at a special city in a Special time corridor it will be very difficult. Nevertheless you can sometimes find extraordinary offers, but they are rare and mostly not in this price range .That said there are some sources which you may consider. First is ebay. Sometimes there are offered vouchers for high end hotels or even few hotels auction there roome by themself. Had very good experiences 10 years ago but don´t do it anymore. Another one are deals at Harper travel. Sometimes prices are very low, even if perhaps not 370 $. Also some offers in London at the Moment which seems reasonable.
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Old Jan 3, 19, 4:44 pm
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london is actually mostly inexpensive, and paris and rome have reasonable boutique hotels
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Originally Posted by Kagehitokiri View Post
london is actually mostly inexpensive
I think this posting requires further explanation. What do you consider inexpensive? Where in London, and are they really the higher end hotels the OP desires to stay in?

I think most of us would say even an average hotel London can be quite expensive. I typically have to search long and hard even to find a decent mid-level Marriott or Hilton that fits my budget.
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Old Jan 11, 19, 8:40 am
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If you are paying, and not concerned with points - stay away from chain hotels. There are so many boutique hotels in each of those cities at the 4*/5* level at your budget that will be charming and much nicer than sterile chains.
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