Uber in Istanbul

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Uber in Istanbul

Hi all
Have you used Uber and what was your experiance. Are the regular taxis dependable? Where and how can I get them. Do I pay in cash lira?
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Search "Istanbul taxi" = Taxi's in Istanbul
As to to Uber, its future doesn't look too healthy in Istanbul ... from the pro-government newspaper ... Daily Sabah ...
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So "not too healthy" as in - no longer there at all, or still there but facing difficulties?

Would be great to know for purposes of planning. I am def. not taking any taxies, so if Uber is not there - need to map out public transportation routes.
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I used the uber in may through the uber app but I dont know if they still exist. With taxi drivers you have to be lucky who you get. Yes you pay with Turkish Lira, its usually very cheap though. Usually taxi stands have more trustworthy drivers than those who stop randomly to pick up.
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Why dont you use the "local" Uber called Bitaksi? I used this app earlier this year (in June) and worked perfectly. App in English, you can pay by card (including Amex) and you know the price upfront. Also, it works with official taxis so less risk of being "attacked" by taxi drivers thinking you are taking an Uber.
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Will check it out, thanks. So far my experience with other ride apps was not that great. Grab car was marginal, Ola in India was terrible. Didi was the only one that could rival Uber, but it's only good in China.

Plus, as a matter of principle, I prefer not to support "official taxis" anywhere (but that's not going to stop me from using an app if it works).
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N/m - figured that out.
How do you add a credit card? It lets me select "card" as an option, but does not ask for card data.
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Other than a month or so of controversy around the summer elections, and all the big pronouncements, Uber is functioning perfectly fine in Turkey. Uber in fact has raised the game overall in Turkey...............Uber now generates real time tax receipts which they submit to the Turkish authorities with every ride, it is a real shot across the bow of the ":Taxi lobby" the one that started the whole anti-Uber thing as quite frankly taxis and their drivers are huge tax evaders, and pay almost no tax- in fact like many places the yellow taxi business is just a big money laundering operation. On top of that the serious taxi stands have now been introducing "Luks taksis" which are generally much bigger and better than the existing taxis.

At the height of the anti Uber idiocy in June.July I did have one run in when getting in my Uber at IST, when two young jumped up taxi drivers started causing a hassle. Their big mistake was to call my bluff and call the Police........one was arrested.............as he himself was illegally picking up passengers at the airport, as he was not an airport taxi!
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I used one when I was in Istanbul last year. I was on the Asian side in an area far away from the touristy spots and there weren't many cabs. I ended up riding in a large VW van with curtained windows and leather bench seats. It was really pleasant and it was cheap.

That said, outside of that one experience the cabs in Istanbul are plentiful and cheap and reliable.
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Whatever transportation you decide on....just make sure they don't take you to the Saudi embassy.
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Yes Jymar that would be bad as the Saudi Embassy is in Ankara.
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I was able to book an Uber from Ataturk airport to Taksim. We drove 20 feet, the driver dropped me off so he could pass a police checkpoint, and I met him a quarter mile up the road (I had to carry my luggage, fortunately just one small shoulder bag.) The only option is Uber XL, which meant a Mercedes van.
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