Etihad vs Emirates Economy Class


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Etihad vs Emirates Economy Class

Hello everyone,

I'm flying to Prague in the Autumn. Its almost a 7 hour flight so no way I'm using FlyDubai (although they do have a direct flight, interestingly enough). Emirates only allows 30 kgs of baggage standard, while Etihad has 40. Emirates flies direct while Etihad has a stopover in Germany. Lufthansa has shite baggage allowance, I don't trust Aeroflot too much. Both have stopovers in their respective countries. Lastly, Qatar is a made-up country so it finally comes down to the All-Emirati Airline Derby. The Battle of the two Es, and I'll need some of the more traveling-seasoned gents and ladies on this sub to help with the decision

To make this a bit more structured, I'd like you to compare these specific things: The staff, seat comfort, leg space, in fight entertainment, and anything else you think applies.

Thank you!
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Where did you get the 40 KG number on EY Y class?
The maximum seems to be 30KG.
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If Qatar is a "made up country" then I don't know how you would realistically describe the UAE!!!! (Its a federation of SEVEN Emirates for goodness sake! )
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for seat and reviews go to seat Guru
Qatar is an excellent airline
Would the differences really make the a stop over preferable to a direct flight
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Originally Posted by flyerby View Post
Where did you get the 40 KG number on EY Y class?
The maximum seems to be 30KG.
Etihad offer between 23KG for the cheap Economy tickets to 35KG for the more expensive. Emirates offer between 15KG and 35KG for their economy tickets.

Surely one, if not the deciding factor for an economy flight of six and a half hours is the price. Personally, I wouldn't choose a flight with a connection, but if the price is way better than direct then this would be an option. As for the rest of the stuff, its just window dressing unless you need lots of luggage.
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Things to note for me would be that EK direct is not daily while EY would be daily with a stop. Also, EY uses their A330 in 2-4-2 or 787 3-3-3, while EK would be an A380 with 3-4-3 standard except that you could book seats on the upper deck on a 2 class A380 which is 2-4-2 with the nice lavs. Also, they seem to use mostly newer A380s with the latest IFE (EK has the best IFE hands down IMO). Both charge for seat selection depending on lower fares although on EK you could check in 48h prior and pick a seat for free while EY is only 24h prior.
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I am poor and fly both on economy fairly frequently.
What I can say is that when it comes to the quality of the actual flights themselves (disregarding all other factors like connections, price, being bussed as opposed to having direct gate connection etc), EK is notably superior to EY.
This has become much more potent recently with the latest 'enhancements' applied to EY particularly with its dining. The "free" food gone from bad to even worse with applied pressure to go for the 'enhanced' meal and beverages which you have to pay for.
The service is also better at EK than EY (although neither are 'good' per se as we are talking about economy class here). In EY's endeavor to cut costs it is no secret that it works its cabin crew much harder & longer than EK, leading to higher turnover rates and less trained (or friendly) associates. Premier cabins may be a different story though.

hope this helps.
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from having been a loyal Etihad business class user I stopped using them as they degraded the service in business, Emirates have not converted me yet to loyal but certainly would use them in preference to Etihad
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If the fares are the same then EK is the no-brainer here. SimplyAviation (a popular TripReport resource) reviewing EY from LAX > SIN (via AUH) and found the catering to be quite lack lustre. Here's what a meal in economy looked like during the trip:

I have had far better meals (at least in terms of quantity) on UA in Basic Economy long haul than this. In addition, they've appeared to have moved to a buy on board menu for most items you would normally get these days including deserts and snacks. He also mentioned during the report that they may be short staffing their cabin crew. In particular, he mentioned that they only had one flight attendant per aisle serving meals (normally there are two) which significantly slowed down the on-board catering (first meal was served in 2 hours which while not the slowest seems a bit outside the ME3 standards).

You have not reported where you are travelling from which would also dictate what airline options are available to you.

Here's the video TripReport:

Safe Travels,

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