Inefficient retro claims at Etihad Guest

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Inefficient retro claims at Etihad Guest

On May 4th 2012 I flew from Abu-Dhabi to Brussels with Etihad. Later-on I noticed that the flight was mentioned on my mileage statement but with zero miles! I have wrote to Etihad Guest retro-claims but have got no answer.

I have since then sent 4 reminders but never got any answer whatsoever. I phoned their call center 2 times and was promised that I will be "soon"credited with the missing miles. But still nothing!

I can understand that because of a bug in the system you do not get credited of your miles, but what I can not understand is that they do not even bother to answer your e-mails or take any action after your calls in spite of the promises.
I find it extremely frustrating as in the meantime you can just do nothing else!

I also flew several times with Omanair and registered online my Etihad Guest number. Useless to say that I never got one mile of these flights that appeared on my Mileage status!

All in all, very inefficient and unprofessional Etihad Guest service and a lot of time loss and frustration
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Inefficient retro claims at Etihad Guest

Welcome to the club, I am still waiting for several mileage credits from 6 months ago.

The good news is that I can usually get a response from Etihad, via email....... after about 45 days of me sending them an email!!!

Their system may be genius as many customers will just give up and Etihad doesn't have to credit anything.
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Please see my thread Where my miles gone!! Its so annoying and does nothing to encourage loyalty.
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Happened to me a couple of times. After numerous emails and international phone calls I gave in.
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A friend has seen mixed results retro claiming about 3 months ago. He got a reply within 24 hours saying it will be looked into. A week later another email comes through claiming that the miles have been already credited (quoting a completely different booking).

My friend then emails copies of his ticket, wasting a good half hour of his time to explain which flights he took, sort of spoon feeding them what they should be looking at.

The reply from EY comes in a week later saying things will be looked into and less than 24 hours later miles appear in the account.

He just completed another trip with them, and despite having his guest number on the ticket and boarding passes, he is yet to see his points credited. It gets weary just thinking about having to chase up the miles.

They used to have an excellent online tool but they took it down for no apparent reason. Why oh why?

I know this might sound like a long stretch. But this is reminiscent of GF back in the days. Around 2003 I sent a praise and a complaint to GF about one of their flights, only to get a month later via snail mail a letter thanking me for suggesting a no-cigarettes policy (..., at the time I think all of their flights had been smoke free for a couple of years). As if the folks that had worked at GF have moved on to EY (they sort of did). EK's Skywards, by contrast, has been nothing short of stellar.
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Have to agree.

The service of EY on complaints and retroclaims is abysmal. Really bad.
I wonder what actually happens to the info when you do an online retroclaim.

It clearly doesnt work as a software tool that checks the claim.

Same goes for other complaints. They guess people will get bored and give up. They might, but the wont forget! Loyalty doesnt come cheap.

Lets hope someone at EY reads this.
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I'm also waiting for a retro claim despite sending in some 3 weeks ago and two reminders. Surprised they are this slow as other airlines credit within days.
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I've got a claim in with them for a MEA flight. Keep getting told the claim is accepted and "miles will be credited soon". They keep forgetting to quote the magic word though - inshallah.
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I'm in the same boat relating to an upgrade I made on 2 flights in February. Credited with 0 miles.

Emailed 4 times now, each time with a copy of ticket, boarding passes, etc, initially just to the retroclaims email and subsequently copied emails to both retro and the general 'Guest' customer service, and received absolutely no response from anybody....nothing at all.

The 6 month retroclaim window is fast approaching - anybody got any ideas as to how to get your miles??
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Is anybody at EY reading this?

Help! What to do?

How to get our miles credited
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I finally got my miles the other day, 5 and a half months after travelling! They apologised for the delay. I don't know if they were replying to my first email or latest one...
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recently travelled with friends
their first 2 legs did not post so I went in this morn and posted a missing credit. the EY leg posted within minutes.
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It has been more than 8 months..

I've been waiting and calling fast the last 8 getting my retro miles credited for my kids. Cheap trick by Etihad...Never fly with Etihad..unless you get a good deals on their 2 cents..
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Originally Posted by shmuhahaha View Post
I've been waiting and calling fast the last 8 getting my retro miles credited for my kids. Cheap trick by Etihad...Never fly with Etihad..unless you get a good deals on their 2 cents..
This is just nonsense and from a single post account, too.

If you have a complaint please explain it. How old were your kids? Did they have mileage accounts set up before you flew? Without details, your complaint is invalid.
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It is certainly true that the EY miles accreditation is a mess, their software just has too many errors that result in 0 miles given for a certain flight. For me personally, it became an automatism to retro claim after a trip with EY.

On top of that, the retro claims department is extremely inefficient. It seems getting those miles in your account is just trial and error. The only advice I can give is be persistent and keep contacting them, preferably by phone, sooner or later you'll get what you earned. Besides one claim for about 3K miles that is 'only' a few months old, I always got all my miles in the end.

For those of you who got no response at all, the retroclaims email should give you an auto-reply, that doesn't help really but it does let you know they got the mail. Personally I always use the email rather than the online form, that usually gives me an error anyway.

The 6 months time window for claims is for you to submit the claim, if you submit before that time, your claim is valid, regardless of how long it takes them to credit.

I have asked them numerous times if the inefficiency is a deliberate policy but have always been assured that it isn't ...

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