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Vwsy Jan 16, 20 6:37 pm

EK A380 disembark at DXB by different air bridges for different classes?
Help please: we soon will be travel on an Emirates A380 (three classes layout), I will be in economy class at lower deck while Mum in upper deck business class.

I assumed that upon arrival at DXB, a380 will be connected by different air bridges, each deck has own air bridge that connect to the terminal building, and we will also be at different floors at the same terminal buildings.

As Mum is a first time traveler to DXB, she just worried that she could be lost to meet me before the immigration.

Will Emirates allow her to go downstairs to meet me so that we can disembark at the same air bridge? Or is anywhere we should meet up in the terminal?

Any suggestion will be highly appreciated.

kq747 Jan 16, 20 9:18 pm

Generally yes, you would disembark via different air bridges but there is also a small chance you could arrive at single level jetbridge (happened to me once) if it's very busy or even a remote stand. Should not be a problem if you mum wants to come downstairs at disembarkation and meet you on the main deck. Have her speak to the crew after landing.

WLG Base Jan 16, 20 9:30 pm

I would talk with the crew and see if you could join your mum prior to landing if possible or vice versa.

Zol Jan 17, 20 12:48 am

Just let the crew know and they will either send you upstairs after landing or escort her down

Silverswimmer Jan 17, 20 9:09 am

My last 3 flights into DXB were in J on a 2 class (2 ex BHX the other BKK)
The gate had only a lower airbridge and the front Economy was ask to remain seated while we passed through and some were very grumpy and stood in the aisle.
By the time we got down the stairs many of the lower deck had disembarked

Will08 Jan 17, 20 8:21 pm

Regardless of whether or not you get off the aircraft via an airbridge upstairs or downstairs you end up in the same place in the terminal. Just please refrain from having a meet up point in a very obvious choke point that everyone always seems to do..!

Vwsy Jan 18, 20 9:53 pm

We just arrived Dubai. We talked to the cabin crew at boarding, and they advised they would try to put me into business class prior to landing.

When we are about 20 minutes before landing, one crew came to me seat and explained there would be just one air bridge for the entire aircraft, so Mum can just wait for me at gate.

So we just meet up at gate after landing. All crews are very professional and very caring.

Thanks all for your kindly suggestion.

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