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skywardhunter Jul 19, 17 11:51 am

Cape Town Do: 15 September 2017
Hey Everyone, following on the discussion in the Discovery Vitality thread, it seems we have a healthy handful of FTers on here from the CPT area (who'd have known! Feels like it's all Brits half the time).

I would like to propose a get together/do/drinks for this September. We had an attempt at a DXB Do last year which unfortunately didn't work out, perhaps we can make it work at an outstation. In general if we can bring something like this into the EK Forum I think it'd be a nice addition to the friendly culture we've got going here (vs. the circling vultures over at BA ;)).

What I'm going to do is propose a few days of the week as well as dates, since I know Capetonians are very protective of their weekend social schedule:

Please reply with your preference for week:

- 1st week of September (Monday 4th - Sunday 10th)
- 3rd week of September (Monday 18th - Sunday 24th)

And your day of the week:

- Thursday
- Friday
- Saturday

As all of us in CPT know the 24th is National Braai Day (also known as Heritage Day), but I won't propose that day as I'm sure some would prefer to spend it with their family than some drunk frequent fliers... However a braai is also an option for an activity. Thus please also,

reply with your preference of activity (and if you have a venue in mind, mention that, too!):

- Braai (for non-SA peeps: a improved version of a barbecue, to qualify as a braai a minimum quantity of beer, brandy and/or wine must be consumed and there must be Boerewors)
- Dinner + drinks
- Just drinks
- something else (please suggest, examples: go-karting, hiking, etc)

A few ideas for venues (more drinks focused):

- 12 Apostles for sundowners
- Cafe Caprice (yeah I'm under 30, shoot me!)
- Beluga (more dinnerish)
- Ferryman's or Mitchell's (prefer the latter but can be a bit crowded and loud)
- Waiting Room (later in the night/more clubbish)
- Mother's Ruin (gin bar)

Let's see if we can make this work, would be really cool! Based on recent activity I'd expect a handful of people, but anyone who's available is welcome, so please respond if you are interested, even if you've not been a frequent poster on FT or the EK forum before.

m3red Jul 19, 17 12:25 pm

I'd love to but have to go to MAN on the 15tn sept.

Seaforth Jul 19, 17 12:47 pm

Great ! I am in.

Either date range is fine for me though the first week in September would be my preference.

Thursday would be good, but equally happy with other days if that suits most people.

I think sundowners followed by dinner. A braai would be fun though I imagine logistics of a suitable and convenient venue would be a hassle.

Will give venue some thought.

Thanks for your efforts.

DYKWIA Jul 20, 17 4:37 am

I'd be up for this, but it's too short notice unfortunately. If you organise one for next year - count me in (never been to SA) :)

Flame3601 Jul 20, 17 12:54 pm

Allow me to check with the department of social interactions ( the wife ), allow 2 working days for approval :D. It may just be me , but will let you know , that is if i am actually available as i might be abroad on work related duties.

Ahmed777 Jul 20, 17 5:55 pm

I will definitely be around but not sure about my schedule just yet. Will confirm within a few days.

What about Balducci at the V&A for dinner/drinks?

gillyd22 Jul 21, 17 1:30 am

Great idea! Count me in. Either week works for me. Preference is Fri/Sat but will go with the flow. Braai sounds good although as has been mentioned, could be logistically difficult.
Thanks for proposing this.

skywardhunter Jul 21, 17 12:32 pm

Awesome seeing responses thus far. Sundowners + dinner is probably the easiest to coordinate. Why don't we all buy a flex plus ticket to DXB on the 8pm flight and meet at the lounge? :P

Saltire74 Jul 21, 17 10:43 pm

One day I shall have the pleasure of getting to a Flyertalk Do and get to meet some of you guys & gals but this one is a bit out of my way and I'm back at work in September :(

Enjoy all. Hope you have a great time


Bizfish Jul 22, 17 1:52 am

Newbie here but been lurking for a while. (9F on 772 at present!). Would be good to meet up.
Friday's are generally better if there is flexibility.

thijsseh Jul 22, 17 3:58 am

I'll only be back in CPT on 11 September (AMS/DXB/CPT on 9/10 Sep), so first week is out for me. Otherwise I'm flexible as far as date / activity is concerned.
I'm definitely NOT under 30 (more than double actually), so please be gentle..;)

skywardhunter Jul 22, 17 4:28 am

How is Friday the 15th of September then?

​​​​​Lets lock it in soon so people can put it in their calendars

gillyd22 Jul 22, 17 7:59 am

Friday 15th Sept works. It's now in my diary!!! I'm a refugee from the southern suburbs, now a country yokel who lives in the winelands at the limit of EK CD! Looking forward to putting faces to names! Thanks for organising and let's hope it comes off!

thijsseh Jul 22, 17 10:19 am

Originally Posted by skywardhunter (Post 28591180)
How is Friday the 15th of September then?

​​​​​Lets lock it in soon so people can put it in their calendars

That's fine, into the diary it goes. Late afternoon / early evening I guess?

skywardhunter Jul 22, 17 10:41 am

Originally Posted by thijsseh (Post 28591979)
That's fine, into the diary it goes. Late afternoon / early evening I guess?

Well it's a Friday in Cape Town, so work ends at lunchtime. Sunset will probably be around 6pm, so maybe 5pm, after work drinks/sundowners and then dinner?

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