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australiandane Jun 13, 14 7:39 pm

Upgrade limitation on ticket?
Hey all,

My partner and I are flying from Melbourne to Europe and back in a few weeks as is evident in the below itinerary. We're obviously looking to upgrade one/more of the legs using some of our frequent flyer points (she has a similar amount in her account) when we arrive at the airport (which we've done with success before) as no reward seats are currently available.

I'm not sure why, but as you can see in the screenshot below, "to Business" is missing next to the two return legs. Could that be some sort of restriction on the return leg, so that even if a reward seat was available, we wouldn't be able to get it?

Am looking to understand whether I should attempt to spend all points on the long, outbound leg from Melbourne to Dubai or if it's smarter to use them on the two shorter legs Dubai-Copenhagen and Glasgow-Dubai.

Thanks for any input! :)

Turicus Jun 13, 14 11:53 pm

Can't see the picture, so can't comment on that part. Even with tickets that I couldn't upgrade, it still said "Economy to Business" and then "No" in the right column.

EK have been so stingy with upgrade availability, I grab what I get when it's there. If more becomes availalbe later, I call EK to fix it.

m3red Jun 14, 14 12:20 am

I think that indicates that you are unable to upgrade that ticket. As far as I know it would always say economy to business or business to first rather than just economy. You should be able to upgrade at t-24 hours subject to availability. I get the same thing when I've upgraded a y ticket to j, ie on the upgrade options it simple says "business" because the ticket is not technically upgrade able to first. Good luck!

australiandane Jun 14, 14 1:19 am

Sorry, don't know why the insert feature didn't work. This link to the image is here:

Thanks for your tips.

As you can see in the image, it does actually only say "Economy". The ticket IS booked through a travel agency so perhaps that's why?

m3red, are you saying that you've had a ticket upgraded even though it's "technically" not possible?

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