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yoyo Jun 2, 14 6:06 am

Chauffeur Drive JFK
Anyone requested a limo/van to JFK instead of 2 or 3 cars for 3 PAX all flying EK J international with multiple pieces of luggage? Any extra charges? I asked EK and they simply put down 4 pieces of luggage as a note. I guess I can wait until T-24 and talk to the drivers when they confirm.


jackiedada Jun 2, 14 12:36 pm

I haven't done it at JFK (I always rent a car myself) but have done it at BOM, LHR, CDG, and MAN and every time they sent either a large van (Merc Viano) or car + luggage van (Toyota Innova). Shouldn't be an issue, at least not in the US, where everything is 'super sized' anyway... ;) .

yoyo Jun 2, 14 12:57 pm


Xlr Jun 2, 14 9:26 pm

I believe the company who provides the car service is Boston Coach - or at least, it was a couple years ago. They had Lincoln town cars.

If it's still them, you could call them directly and ask if they could provide a single large vehicle (SUV/van) instead of 3 cars. Just give them your EK booking reference(s) and names.

Droch Jun 15, 14 7:59 pm

Boston Coach is the provider. My wife got a cadillac escalade as her vehicle the last time, Boston Coach also called before. I am sure if you call in advance they will take care of it. Their pricing for single pickup to JFK from Jersey City on their website is 250. I am sure emirates is paying them nicely.

yoyo Jun 18, 14 1:16 pm

Thanks Droch and Xlr. Emirates came through and sent a Cadillac Escalade to pick everyone up. The driver arrived 10 minutes before the 8 o'clock pickup time. I did call Boston Coach directly but was told that any update to the bookings will have to go through emirates. I ended up calling emirates and they requested the changes and I called back 4-6hrs later to ensure everything was confirmed.

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