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skitrav May 10, 14 7:53 am

Emirates Baggage and Code Share with Jetblue
I have read around the fourm but please confirm the below?

Flying from Dubai to JFK on the 18th of June on Emirates. Connecting on Jetblue to Durham(RDU). Does this mean my baggage allowance from my incoming international flight carries through?
I am worried, because in the past when airlines, told me my baggage carries through it hasn't resulting in high charges.

Secondly, on my way back I fly into JFK on jetblue as well, before connecting only the next day(23 hours later) on emirates back to Dubai? Can I check my bag all the way through and not collect at all in JFK?

If not, where can i leave my bags and what is the cost?

Thirdly, my bag is 67 inches long. Is this a problem with emirates, or can i get away with it as it is ski equipment?

Also whats the cheapest hotel near the airport.

Any tips/hacks for flying emirates and jetblue, please let me know!

Xlr May 10, 14 12:52 pm

When flying into the US your baggage allowance carries through. Turn left after clearing customs at JFK to check them right there - no need to take them to JetBlue's terminal.

When flying out of the US your bags will go straight to Dubai. If you want to short-check them to JFK they can do that as well.

JFK has storage locations including Terminal 4 Arrivals, haven't used them though.

I am not sure about Ski Equipment, the best way would be to call JetBlue - they have good phone support (actually US based I believe, not outsourced)

All this is assuming you have the same ticket for Emirates and JetBlue sectors.

Edit: When are you in NYC? I would honestly not recommend staying at a hotel near the airport unless you have a really short layover or weird flight times.

Xlr May 10, 14 12:57 pm

Tip/Hack: JFK T5 (JetBlue) has better food/beverage than T4 (Emirates) as of two days ago. If you're flying late summer or later this might no longer be relevant as there are a few more restaurants opening soon at T4.

skitrav May 10, 14 1:58 pm

Thanks for the reply @xlr

Glad to hear I don't have to lug my bag to t5! Is it a jetblue check in at t4 when I arrive or how do I find it?

Haven't planned to stay anywhere yet. I have 23 hours layover. Thought I wold sleep near the airport because I fly at 11:20am so at least I wouldn't have to worry about traveling far to the airport that day.

Xlr May 10, 14 2:42 pm

It's just a 'general' check-in counter for people with connecting flights. Can't miss it. It makes it super convenient to use the AirTrain (JFK's train between terminals) since your bags have already been checked.

As for the hotel, that makes sense. I haven't ever stayed in one of those (not the best neighborhood) but try to stay in a hotel which has free shuttles to the airport. That solves your morning transportation before the flight.

Additionally since you have a layover, if you want to visit the city you can take the hotel shuttle to any airport terminal, then use the AirTrain to the Jamaica station where you can catch the LIRR (Long Island Rail Road) to Penn Station. That's the best way to get to Manhattan since you avoid the traffic completely. Penn Station is in a good part of Manhattan but also well connected with the local subway lines, as well as to the PATH to New Jersey.

jaguar May 11, 14 5:20 pm

With such a long layover you definitely need to visit the Big Apple.

seawolf May 15, 14 8:18 pm

Emirates Baggage and Code Share with Jetblue
Al xlr mentioned, it all depends on whether this is one booking or two separate bookings.

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