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BIA24 Apr 22, 14 6:59 pm

Quick Question Regarding Meals
How many meals are served on the LAX-DXB (17 Hrs) also what type of refreshments/snacks? I am traveling with two toddlers should i be taking my own snacks?

Thank you soo much in advance for your help!

FTR 787 Apr 22, 14 8:24 pm

Depends on your class of service, but even in general in Y you will be well fed... doesnt hurt to have some snacks on you for the rugrats specifically and if you have space in the carry on.

subject2load Apr 22, 14 11:58 pm

Meal service on LAX-DXB consists of Dinner + "Snack" + Breakfast

Flying time is scheduled as 15h 50m

You can find out a little about the sort of food offered in the each of the Emirates cabins here

extramileage Apr 23, 14 3:17 am

Do your toddlers have their own seats? If so, you can order them a child meal.

If they are ticketed as "lap infants" they won't have a proper meal allocated to them (try feeding only apple sauce to a 12 month old...).

Still recommend bringing snacks! (my kids are always hungry just before take off when no food is available!).

Small "surprises" at various points during the flight (not necessarily food) are also good to offer as rewards for good behavior and to keep them occupied.

BIA24 Apr 23, 14 10:28 am

Sorry, i forgot to mention, I am traveling economy and yes both kids have their own seats.

Thanks so much everyone who replied!

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