EK 226 SFO-DXB now 17h45m flight?

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EK 226 SFO-DXB now 17h45m flight?

Taking EK226 tomorrow and noticed in Flight Aware for the last week that the flight which usually takes around 14h30m or so this time of year is now closer to 18h. Instead of the usual great circle route which goes over the North Pole and south over Russia, the flight turns south north of Norway and heads to southern France before heading east to Dubai.

Check it out: http://flightaware.com/live/flight/U...345Z/KSFO/OMDB

The return trip shows the usual great circle route.

Any idea why this would be happening for roughly the last week?
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That's silly. lol.
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That's crazy. The flight hasn't lasted 18 hrs in the past week. It has been the usual 14-15 hours. You can check on emirates flight status.
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On the two occasions I have done SFO-DXB it took 14h40 and 15h10. In both instances we did not go trans-polar, but crossed over northern Greenland.
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This data is much more sensible:

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The following filed routing
SFO RBL J65 LMT YNY OTRIK NCAT 6000N 11000W 6400N 10500W 6700N 10000W 7200N 09000W 7500N 08000W 7800N 06000W 7900N 05000W 8000N 03000W 7900N 01000W 7800N 00000E BJO MAGIR SDA P65 VANOS A74 PELOR G476 MOVIT G476 UREPI B958 BD BD3T SW BD3T GEKLA BD3T DK BD3T FV R11 GUSLI M54 LAGAS M54 TAVRO M54 ADILA N82 ADANO N77 MAGRI UR654 ZAJ R654 SAV UP574 SYZ G666 ORSAR B416 DESDI
Routes via Norway, the northern tip of Finland then straight into Russia, past Murmansk and onwards to Georgia, Armenia, Iran, the gulf and then the UAE. Quite a scenic tour.

Non polar routes are planned when space weather indicates dangerous levels of solar radiation exposure or that radio black out may occur.

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flightaware is notoriously unreliable
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