Mobile phones...

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Mobile phones...

This has probably been discussed before; however I may have a new one.

On my flight yesterday, sat in an emergency exit seat - all 3 seats were occupied. The chap in the window seat sat with his phone on typing away and scrolling through things as we taxied along.

We turn the corner to begin our take off - at this point he starts to dial - so there we are barrelling down the runway and he's now talking on the phone, the wheels leave the ground and he still talking.

Now I know Myth Busters has disproved interference from mobile phones (I spend a lot of times in hotels watching the Discovery Channel) - but this was all in front of the cabin crew sitting just 5 feet in front of them, facing them - she didn't say a word, even though she looked at him a couple of times!

Is there a new policy from Emirates on mobile usage?

PS. This not the first time I have seen someone use a mobile phone when sitting in the exit row during take off on an Emirates flight - last year 2 guys were sending texts - again the crew member did nothing.
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Policy says that electronic devices (e.g. mobiles, tablets, etc.) have to be switched off (or at least AirPlane mode) during taxi, takeoff and landing.
In-flight they can be used for e.g. SMS & Tel (AeroMobile) or WiFi (OnAir) depending on aircraft.

Cabin Crew didn't behave according to the rules. Probably just wanted to avoid a discussion. :/
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Lol, that I haven't seen. CC should have said something. Rules are rules.

Even if the rules make no sense. My take is that if the phones were truly dangerous, they'd all be locked up with the guns and lithium batteries . But the airlines are nicely protected from any activist courts / lawyers who might cast enough doubt for a class action suit in the event of a crash.
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Reminds me a bit of:

Why Can't You Use Phones on Planes?
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its not just phones, I think that it depends on the specific FA. A couple of months ago I was in an exit row and there was an SFS that insisted on taking the blanket as well saying it was policy?!?
on the other hand they seldom seem to mind if I have my headphones plugged in for both take-off and landing..
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Originally Posted by SimplyFCO View Post
on the other hand they seldom seem to mind if I have my headphones plugged in for both take-off and landing..
I even had one FA on another airline make me remove my earplugs (not earphone eh)
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This has probably been discussed before

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Unfortunately if a passenger does it AFTER the crew are on the jumpseats then there is no way of being able to tell them off. Now at an emergency exit a crew member should be there by the door regardless so it was either the crew member was new and didn't want a confrontation or the passenger was HVC and the crew member didn't want a confrontation because either way they'll be on the losing end of the stick.
Wrong though unfortunately.
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