EK413 SYD-DXB 11 Nov 2012

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Emirates had a bad week last week, 3 engines shutdown in flight.

Really no big deal apart from the inconvenience, all handled quite well by the Flight Crews.

An Emirates Airlines Airbus A380-800, registration A6-EDA performing flight EK-413 from Sydney,NS (Australia) to Dubai (United Arab Emirates), was climbing out of Sydney's runway 34L when upon contacting departure the crew declared PAN reporting they needed to shut the #3 engine (GP7270, inboard right hand) down and requested to stop climb at FL110 and continue on planned track until decision was made whether to return or continue, controller indicating the aircraft was needed higher to not leave controlled air space, the aircraft subsequently climbed to FL160 and FL190. The crew subsequently decided to return to Sydney, dumped fuel and landed safely on runway 34L about 90 minutes after departure.
An Emirates Airlines Boeing 777-300, registration A6-EBO performing flight EK-373 from Bangkok (Thailand) to Dubai (United Arab Emirates) with 190 passengers and 16 crew, was enroute near Mumbai (India) when the crew received an engine (GE90) fire indication, shut the engine down and activated the fire suppression. The aircraft diverted to Mumbai for a safe landing on runway 09. Responding emergency services found no fire.
An Emirates Airbus A380-800, registration A6-EDO performing flight EK-201 from Dubai (United Arab Emirates) to New York JFK,NY (USA), was enroute at FL340 about 30nm northeast of Kosice (Slovakia) when the crew shut the #4 engine (GP7270, outboard right hand) down. The aircraft set course in direction of Frankfurt/Main (Germany) descending to FL100, about 85nm east of Frankfurt the aircraft changed course to fly south around Frankfurt and divert to Paris (France). The aircraft landed safely on Charles de Gaulle Airport's runway 26R about 140 minutes after the engine was shut down.
Given the number of flights each week this is just a small drop in the ocean.
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Originally Posted by Basil B View Post
Given the number of flights each week this is just a small drop in the ocean.
Hmmm, bad choice of words perhaps?
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Originally Posted by eightblack View Post
I have. I love how the Australian media tend to exaggerate anything
As opposed to BBC 'journalists' who took someone's word that they were abused by Lord McAlpine without even checking it out!!!!!!! (I hasten to add it was not Lord McAlpine)
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EK413 SYD-DXB 11 Nov 2012

The flight dropped of flight radar ASAP.

I was at work at got a triple zero call about a plane flying over Blacktown with flames coming from it.

I went flight radar ASAP and MAS was the only aircraft in the area and that was well over the mountains.
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Originally Posted by Enigma View Post
Hmmm, bad choice of words perhaps?
Not intended, I am not worried about flying EK, a lot safer than other airlines.
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Does anyone know what the actual cause for the fire was? This happened to EDA, so should we expect a similar problem to B, C etc as days go by or is it an isolated incident. I would like to think it is isolated as only one engine was damaged and not all four.
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Originally Posted by NeatStuff View Post
When I complained to my brother who is a captain at EY at the lack of information from either the FA's of the flight deck during my above incident (we were told nothing at all, even after landing) he said the FA's cannot say anything if there is an emergency situation unless that captain has told them to do so. Not sure if other airlines follow a similar policy, assume they do as only the flight deck will know what really is going on. He then went on to argue that if there was an issue with an engine during take off, the captain and first officer would be trying there best to get the jet back on ground instead of worrying about the passenegers mental state, fair enough I guess!
Thanks for the insight. That's an interesting policy! While I can see why the Captain would want to reserve the right to control what is said in detail, it seems strange that, in the event of an engine flame-out / 'loud bang and shudder' or something similarly distressing to passengers, apparently nothing can be said to passengers until the Captain himself is ready to have it said (and we all agree that HIS main concern is flying the aircraft).

I refer again to QF32, where there was concern by the ?Purser (Chief FA anyway) that passenger concern would escalate to panic and disorder. He was later much praised by de Crespigny for being assertive early on and calming them by the tone and wording of his announcements. In the QF32 book it specifically says the ?Purser tried to contact the flight deck, but could not until a fair way into the incident.
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"Aircraft will be withdrawn from service, [and] the rogue engines taken off and fixed, he said, adding Emirates should encounter no commercial disruption from the episode.

Emirates rejected claims by passengers on the A380 leaving Sydney on Sunday that the engine fault had involved a fire.
There was no fire, flames or smoke. However, passengers may have witnessed a spark and a noise from the engine, Emirates said.
The Engine Alliance said it was investigating [the] root cause of the engine event and will initiate prompt corrective action"

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In these kind of emergency situations, the key information you would want to hear is exactly what has occured, any possible action being taken and perhaps a time frame. The only people knowing this information would be the Captain and First Officer. On the EK A380, the purser sits by ML1 door where it is not even possible to see out of the window when seated, much less to know what is going on. Therefore, to prevent vague or incorrect information the details will come from those in the know. And as it has been stated above it may take some time once the checklists have been worked out and communication with ATC,
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