Musical Chairs

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Musical Chairs

Ok, don't laugh, but I flew economy today. For the second time this year. I was trekking home from the Dubai Do and was flying DXB-CMB-SIN.

The DXB-CMB leg was in F. The old Skycruiser seat. Wouldn't have cared if it was a cardboard box as I slept for the entire 4-hr flight.

Then from CMB-SIN I was in Y. Separate booking reference. After the crew and Pursar quizzed me as to why I was in Y, there was some arm waving and someone went to grab my Y boarding pass.

Did the walk of shame from F to Y and found my exit row seat. The plane was probably half full. Then boarding commenced and we took on all the connecting passengers from CMB.

Then it started. People were up and down like a brides nightie. I had 2 different people sit on the aisle of my exit row before a 3rd person came along after take off. The crew were going back and forth with just about every second person asking to see their original boarding passes. No one seemed to care. Least of all the crew.

I just don't get it. Drove me nuts.
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That happened to us dxb - KUL in y of course! The seat next to me was occupied by 3 different people, I wouldn't mind but it was 2 nd seat in a row of 4, I was in the aisle.

Is there not some rule about where you sit for take off and landing, maybe not inflight?

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I've heard that it is common in that part of the world to not stick to your assigned seat. Many CC complain about it. I guess its like boarding a bus, you sit anywhere you like!
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