Chances of making my DBX connection

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Chances of making my DBX connection

I am due to fly into Dubai on EK006 arriving in Dubai at 0845 and connect to EK412 departing at 1015 to SYD. What % chance do you think I have of making this connection? Thanks
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Pretty much guaranteed to make your connection.

EK006 very rarely runs significantly late as it runs up against the Heathrow curfew when it does. 90 minutes is a very comfortable connection in Dubai.
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Thanks. I hope you are right - made a mistake booking the outward flight from LHR which is a 777, next flight is an A380.
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And EK412 almost always departs later than scheduled because if it did depart on time it would reach SYD during curfew. Coincidently on the 29th it departed 4 hours late, perhaps it went tech?
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IME a lot of people on EK 006 are connecting to SYD. If it's a significant number of people they'll hold the plane.
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90 minutes is more than enough to clear transit security checks. Use the loo if needed. Buy a bit of booze from duty free and even an early morning drink in the lounge.

You might have to skip a few of the above if you end up getting bussed in to the terminal. (I've been lucky the last few times and no bus!!)
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I rattled through DXB last night with a (planned) 85 minute connection.

As it happened though, ATC delay at LHR resulted in a bit of time in holding pattern before touchdown, with EK002 finally arriving @ 45 mins late.

DXB is carnage at this time of the morning, but with a bit of speedwalking and careful selection of x-ray queue at transfer security, i arrived at my gate and joined the last few folk boarding. We then sat on that plane for another 40 mins before leaving for KWI.

I guess that coming through DXB during busy periods, you can be pretty sure that, with so many connections being made, your departing flight will be leaving late.
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Not a problem at all. I once had a 80min connection and we were running late from MAN..Made my KWI connection but my bags didn't. They were there on the next flight (about 6 hours I believe after I arrived)
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Originally Posted by ukdoctor View Post
Use the loo if needed.
Always a great idea!
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I am so grateful for all the comments which have helped put my mind at rest. This will be my first Emirates business class experience and I have high hopes. I'll post a trip report when I'm back. All I need now is for the weather to improve in Sydney and I'm sorted!
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