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Choose Your Seat-Mate Through Social Networks

Choose Your Seat-Mate Through Social Networks

Old Dec 14, 11, 1:11 pm
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Choose Your Seat-Mate Through Social Networks

I know, I know. When I read the headline myself I was like 'lolzr'. But it makes sense right. KLM is introducing this (full story here) new facility where you can choose to sit beside who you want via Facebook and LinkedIn.

It makes sense right - wouldn't you want to sit beside perhaps a fellow FT member. I for one would raise my hand to that (aye aye). Enhancing the value in-flight FTW. It could also be that you can choose to sit beside some uber cute than.... you know where im going with this one, you get the point .

I guess my question is, do you think this makes sense for EK - and would you take part in it if EK start offering it?


Just to add to the above, i'm not sure why this hasn't been taken seriously by airlines. Putting social networks on one side - programmes like Skywards should have had the social aspect to it - imagine checking to see which other Skywards member is likely to be on your flight (if they choose to opt into the programme). With the level in which EK are at, i'm not sure it would be so hard to implement.

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Old Dec 14, 11, 2:37 pm
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You will be pleased to know that EK have just hired a group of people in Dubai dedicated to social networking. This is a step in the right direction...

As for wanting to choose a seat mate via FB or LinkedIn, that's another matter entirely. Firstly, I don't have a FB account (and never will) so that's a moot point.

My family keep telling me that I am getting grumpier as I get older - and most of the time when I travel I'm asking staff to block the seat beside me, rather than find me a cute seat mate
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Old Dec 14, 11, 2:58 pm
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Perhaps other airlines aren't taking it seriously is because most of the flights are for grown-ups and not the socially inept whose idea of discourse is tweeting or "liking" people they have never met then bragging about the amount of "friends" they have. Just a thought.
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Old Dec 14, 11, 5:04 pm
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I can't see this working. I'd never allow my name or any personal details to be made visible to everyone else on check-in.

I'm sure everyone here has had chance meetings with friends or colleagues in airports, and have turned out to be on the same flight... it's usually possible to change seats if you'd like to sit together.

What next, a kiosk at airports allowing you to see photos of potential seatmates... pax with FF status could select the blocked seat, or on fully booked flights, seatmates of normal or small size. Pax with no status who check in late would have to sit in the 'fat row'...
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Old Dec 14, 11, 8:02 pm
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Originally Posted by eightblack View Post
As for wanting to choose a seat mate via FB or LinkedIn, that's another matter entirely. Firstly, I don't have a FB account (and never will) so that's a moot point.
+1 I am far too paranoid for privacy to really get the social media.

But if people are happy to spend half of their waking hours posting pictures of their food to FB, I guess there are huge opportunities for the companies who find the way of using social media to create the cool effect for their services. With WiFi, seat to seat communication, and whatnot, there must be plenty of ways to make it happen even if a dinosaur like myself can't think any. Just looking at the array of gadgets of the young guy sitting next to me recently, and the speed at which he was in FB after the landing, there must be potential.
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Old Dec 15, 11, 2:23 pm
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I normally want as many empty seats around me as possible. So, not sure I'll do this unless I have the energy during a day flight to chat with someone.

What if the person turns out to be really boring and... she just won't shut up? Haha
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