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Emirates 777-300ER Economy Power Ports


Old Apr 13, 11, 1:22 pm
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Emirates 777-300ER Economy Power Ports

Flying SFO-DXB-BLR in May, on business but not in business; economy all the way at this large tech company :-) This is my first time on EK or to India.

The plane is a 777-300ER, with the ICE widescreen system. Can anyone confirm which seats in economy have AC power? From pictures and videos I've found, it seems like:

- Every seat has a USB port (?)

- Window/Center seats A,B on the left, E,F in the middle, and J,K on the right have AC outlets on the left side

- Aisle seats C on the left, D,G in the middle, and H on the right do not have AC outlets, unless there's one hidden somewhere else?

I'm in 20G currently (20F is empty, but I'm sure won't remain so), but it seems like while D or H could share the next seat's outlet, that would be awkward for C or G. Am I seeing it right in the pics? Is it considered kosher (well, maybe not the right term on EK :-) to ask to use that next outlet if it's on your side assuming the occupant isn't using it?

I'm not usually able to sleep on planes, so have to have an aisle seat to move around lest I really annoy the neighbors who can sleep. Deciding whether to switch to a D seat further back.
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Old May 9, 11, 1:38 pm
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Bumping once before I call to confirm my seats again for the flight this Friday.
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Old May 9, 11, 2:59 pm
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Did you check on SeatGuru?
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Old May 9, 11, 4:07 pm
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I did check SeatGuru, which shows power ports between the seats (so 2 for the 3 window section seats, and 3 for the 4 center section seats). However, a video I found, and this image:


show the power ports in the left side of the seatback of the non-aisle seats, meaning 2 for the 4 center section seats, and the right side aisle seat (G) in the center section wouldn't really have access to one if anybody's in seat F. So I'm wondering which is right, or if there's another port down between the seats or something.

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Old May 17, 11, 4:57 am
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Having now taken this flight (and returning later this week), I'll follow up for anyone who might search this later:


The AC outlets are, indeed, on the left side of the AB, EF, and JK seatbacks. D and H could presumably share the E/J outlets, but for C and G to do so would be less practical unless travelling with someone you know. All seats have USB ports that worked well to keep my Android phone charged while I watched some videos on it and took some pics.

The 10-wide seating causes 2 problems -- I'm not a big person, nor was the person next to me, but the seats and aisles are noticably narrower. If my shoulder wasn't touching his, I was getting hit by people walking down the aisle.

The other issue is that the 777 seat tracks are set up for 3 or 5 seats in the center section -- with 4 the underseat space is offset weirdly -- a very narrow (3-4") section next to the aisles, then 3 misaligned larger sections for the 4 seats. I had to scrunch my backpack so it didn't go much into my neighbor's footspace.

The ICE widescreen system is very nice though -- I especially liked the feature to show what your neighbors on either side are viewing, in case they found something better than you did :-)
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Old May 17, 11, 12:41 pm
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Great post - thanks for coming back and provide the forum with this information!
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Old May 19, 11, 11:51 am
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something to remember is that the power outlets only supply up to 65w, so if you have a more powerful laptop and plug it in it wont charge.
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