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elal767 May 13, 19 1:22 pm

Trouble with CAL conversion
Hi everyone,

i was recently issued a credit card as a perk through my employer that partners with Cal and actually offers a pretty reasonable conversion rate to El Al Matmid.

The way itís supposed to work theoretically is that you log-in to the Cal website , are shown how many Matmid points youíre currently eligible to and then just click a button to transfer them and have them show up in Matmid after a day or two.

In reality however, Iíve done this now at least 4 times, and every time I ended up having to call a Cal representative on the phone, describe my issue to them and wait for them to get back to me in a week or so, just for them to tell me that it would take another week to have the points transferred.

Has anybody else experienced similar issues before?

Also, completely Off Topic, but EZY emergency exit seating with priority boarding and 2 pieces of Hand Luggage for EUR30 really blows LYís European product out of the water these days. They recently even started catering the Hermolis sandwiches on flights to Berlin that were previously available only to London and Paris. Way to go!

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