National Vs. Dollar LAX

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National Vs. Dollar LAX

3 days in LAX

National Midsize Emerald Aisle $220
Dollar Midsize $120

I have ready countless horrible reviews of dollar and countless glowing reviews of National. But is it worth $100 more to go with National?

Is the Dollar Express as fast as the Emerald Club "pick your car and go"?

Is your return with Dollar as fast as National?
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Horrible reviews of Dollar? I've rented from Dollar at LAX and have had no problems. In fact, the employees at Dollar are usually more competent than the employees at Alamo (same building and same company as National), in my experience. For that large of a cost difference, Dollar's perfectly fine.

Dollar Express is different than Emerald Club. With Dollar, there is no such thing as a master rental agreement that you sign when enrolling in the program that lets you basically skip paperwork (like at National), so you still have to sign the contract. However, the contract should be done up ahead of time (since they do have your profile information on file), and the rule is that you should be out of the office within 60 seconds of arriving at the counter (there's an express line for Dollar Express members). Also, because the contract is done up ahead of time and you sign the contract at the counter before going out into the lot, you don't get to choose your own vehicle like you do at National. If you have a specific preference, you can always ask at the counter to be switched into different vehicle, or if you go out to the lot and notice a particularly attractive car, you can go back in and ask to swap cars. Not quite as nice as National, but it's efficient enough, and any minor extra hassle is certainly worth the $100 savings.

I've always had the Dollar guys come out and close out my rental contract with their handheld computers before I could even get my bag out of the trunk. I don't recall any issues or delays with the shuttle going back to the airport.
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thank you
that was very helpful

dollar has a midsize suv for $115 now (midsize car at national is $220)
didnt want an suv, but cannot pass up the savings. Thank you!
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Dollar V's. Alamo LAX

sorry wrong thread !
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