How to get my money back from Dollar Rental scam?

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How to get my money back from Dollar Rental scam?

Hi everyone...

I had a WONDERFUL vacation in Florida, 2 weeks of paradise, the rental car situation actually went very smoothly with Dollar, I did a lot of research a head of time to be very careful of everyone's warnings...

BUT....4 months after my rental, they charged my credit card for an "admin" fee, $15 plus the cost of the toll. They claim I went through a Superpass lane, which is for those with an automated tolling device to drive right through...that is 110% impossible because I knew ahead of time to watch out for those, and my GPS warned us of every upcoming toll; every toll we went through, we paid the atendee.

So, now 4 months later they are trying to scam $15 from word against theirs.

I know thousands of others have had similar and worse issues with Dollar/Thrifty/Hertz.....anyone have any advice on how to get my money back? Any success stories to share?

Dollar just lost a repeat customer for this $15 scam...

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Unless you have the cash receipts you are out of luck.
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Not so sure that "scam" is an appropriate term for a dispute over a toll.

Like all car companies, Dollar is pretty explicit about toll road do's and don'ts BEFORE one reserves their car. Of course, all rental companies offer an option to pre-pay for use of a cashless toll receiver and these devices are admittedly a bit pricy. The problems one might encounter with toll roads depends upon the state and the specific toll road. For example, there are toll roads which either use electronic systems exclusively or they have un-manned exact change lanes. When I rent a car in Houston TX there was one toll road network which used electronic devices exclusively and Dollar was pretty explicit about avoiding these roads if one does not have a transmitter.

We've used Dollar for some 14 years in the vicinity of West Palm where our rental agreement is pretty clear about having a Sun Pass or other device for paying along with a warning about driving through a lane without one.

Straight from a phantom Dollar reservation I create for a car out of PBI:

Please note: There are toll roads within this area that have converted or will be converting to all-electronic tolling or cashless tolling. In these areas there is no option for a rental car to stop and pay the tolls in cash. If your travels will take you on a toll road in an area where there is no option to stop and pay cash for the tolls, PlatePass All-Inclusive Tolling is the perfect solution. If you choose not to select the PlatePass pre-paid tolling option and travel on one of these all-electronic toll roads, and do not have your own tolling device in the vehicle, the applicable toll will be paid for you and an administrative fee of $15.00 per occurrence with a maximum of $105.00 will be charged.
Judging by what the OP says, Dollar invokes the $15 administrative fee plus the toll and eschews charging the maximum $105 fee. Lacking a receipt, there is very little one can do in this situation, but I hardly characterize this as a scam. Likewise a search on the Florida Turnpike has explicit mention of avoiding SunPass or other device-expedited lanes if one does not have a transmitter and to follow signage as the tpk always has one human-manned toll lane.

Not sure what watching a GPS does for driving through a toll plaza or the relevancy of this comment to the situation as you either figure out how to follow the signs where the cash lane is or you go through the wrong lane and the vehicle is flagged for a violation and charges the customer. My other thought was that the OP went through a cash lane where the coinage may not have finished dropping into the basket and a violation camera goes off, but the OP insists they had human toll contact ( suggesting possible human error by the toll-taker).

In any case, I simply do not buy into the blame Dollar logic of this post.

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You are probably beating your head against a wall but I'd contact them and ask for exact details of where and when the charge occurred including copies of any documentation they can provide.

If in fact they are billing you for something they are being billed for from the tollway they should be able to provide you with some documentation to support the charge. It would mean that either you did go through a toll and not pay. Depending on what they can provide it may also show there was an error and you are being billed for someone else.

I say good luck beating your head against the wall because in my dealings with Hertz (Dollar may be the same) it's next to impossible to get anyone to talk to you. Without details of the toll booth/time/date etcetera it's tough to dispute.

At this point you have two choices. Pursue it and see what happens and if push comes to shove complain to the BBB (it worked for me when Hertz starting using a stall tactic. I did have electronic receipts to back up my claim). Or, learn from your experience and decide whether or not it's worth it for $15.

As others have mentioned, just because your GPS said you were avoiding the tolls, doesn't mean you were (doesn't mean you weren't either... ).
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Curious what part of Florida you were in. Many of the toll roads in Orlando and other major cities do not even have toll booths. There is an electronic transponder you have in the car. If you do not have the transponder the system takes a picture of the car and license plate and you get fined.

That being said, the bill from the toll road is required to have a time and date stamped picture attached to it. You should be able to request a copy of this.
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Has anyone had success asking nicely if they could reduce the administrative fee? I had $1.38 in tolls four times for a total of $5.52 but was dinged $60 (15x4) in admin fees.

I know I should have paid better attention to the rental agreement and electronic tolls in the area, but it seems pretty extreme to suffer a $60 payment for it.

If someone has had success, what number to call?
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To update, I found a toll-free number on the dollar site listed on the toll invoice (877-759-5823). Was able to speak to a human in about 15 minutes. The CSR was nice considering the circumstances -- he agreed to reduce the administrative fees to what it would have cost me if I signed up for the unlimited toll option and ended up having about $15 knocked off the administrative total. Still an extra $45 for $5 in tolls, but a lessoned learned.
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