Changes to car size definitions?


I have been renting frequently with Dollar and Alamo in the US. I usually prefer Dollar over Alamo because Dollar has been following the formal size definitions definitions whereas Alamo hasn't (Kia Forte, Pontiac G5 a midsize etc etc ).
With Dollar I could usually count on a decently sized car when I booked a midsize - often Hyundai Sonata or Ford Fusion .

Last week I rented at PHX and was surprised to find mainly Cobalts in the midsize stalls. There was a single Kia Sour which I took. That morning the Sonatas and Fusions were all in the Full size row along with Malibus etc.
So, did Dollar recently jump onboard the size inflation ship, too, or was this just an exception?

To answer my own question...
To answer my own question:

When I handed back the car I asked a rental agent if they have been fiddling with the classifications. He said yes and was sort of confused himself. Cobalt has been upped to midsize, where Sonatas still are, and the Fusion now is one class up.