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sundayrundown May 10, 11 10:59 pm

Dollars to Cents Help: July Road Trip AHEAD!
I'm leaving July 20th. We've been quoted $350 from the desk agents.

I was looking for threads to maximize my dollars with Dollar but couldn't find any. If you've got any suggestions, I and the legions of noobs out there would be MOST appreciative.

Thanks for looking :)^

jackal May 11, 11 3:11 am

Dollar typically focuses on having a highly competitive base rate and doesn't participate in a lot of super-duper discount programs. You might be able to knock 5% or so off with a promo code but not much more.

If you can post some details about your trip (where, length of rental, etc.), perhaps some here can provide some assistance...

sundayrundown May 11, 11 10:21 am

I'm leaving July 20th through August 1st. I can pick up anywhere in Dallas, TX. I'd like the most gas efficient car possible without limits on miles.

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