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Liquid Medications - departing MX

Liquid Medication - departing MX
We are taking our 3 year old with us for the first time this weekend to CUN. She is on a twice daily liquid medication that must stay refrigerated. I have a small ziplock I put it in with 2 ice packs. I would prefer not to check and carry on just in case bags get separated (she can't) miss a dose.

Does anyone know if this will be a problem?

It is in the orginal bottle with official US RX label.

I can't locate MX rules concerning liquids in carry ons.

Please direct me to an OFFICIAL link.
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We travel to Mexico yearly and have never had an issue with any liquid medications. I make sure that they are in a separate ziploc baggie the same as here in the US and tell the screener about it. I don't travel with the ice packs because they are difficult to get re-frozen at times. Instead I use ice in a baggie and if they make me dump the ice (I run about 50/50 in Mexico) I can just get more once we are through the screening.

One year I had to dump the ice when I was screened, got some at a restaurant and then had to dump it again right before boarding. Unlike in the US, in Mexico any liquids bought after going through security are not allowed on the plane...you will go through another screening right before you board. It wasn't a big deal, as my spouse just went and got more ice from the flight attendant.

My experiences in Mexico with security at the airport is that it is pretty random and what is allowed one time won't be allowed the next time and vice versa. A lot of it depends on the individual screener. But I have never, ever heard anyone say that their liquid prescription medications were taken and I participate in a lot of different boards based in Mexico. If it were to happen, I'm pretty sure that people would post about it.

Have fun! We love Mexico and its people. Our favorite spot to vacation.
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Originally Posted by Tmstewar2 View Post
Please direct me to an OFFICIAL link.
You don't say where you're traveling from.

I suggest you contact your airline and ask this question. If you don't trust the answer, call back again and see if you get the same answer. If you're still concerned, you may wish to call your Mexican consulate or the embassy and investigate further, but in that case be prepared to spend a great deal of time on the phone.

Never put essential medication into checked baggage. Consider carrying it in a container with frozen gel packs or or chemical cold packs instead of relying on ice (which will melt if you are delayed, and which you may not be able to easily replace). Speak to your pharmacist about what would keep the medication at the appropriate temperature (some meds which must be kept cold are also damaged if frozen).

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