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zack14 Jan 30, 20 3:39 am

Chick Fil-A the goat

klakhav Feb 6, 20 12:20 pm

If ever in South Africa, try Nando's Chicken.
Portuguese BBQ Peri Peri Chicken is to die for.

diburning Feb 7, 20 1:04 am

Thankfully, we also have Nando's in the US and in the UK. I've never been to one though, so I can't add it to my list. They also sell their Peri Peri sauces in grocery stores in the US.

mosburger Mar 12, 20 2:39 pm

Originally Posted by BuildingMyBento (Post 31982503)
Never mind Korea, to return to the topic, the best fried chicken I've ever had was in Banda Aceh, Indonesia. It had a hint of smoky mustard and some local chili, which made it excellent.

@mosburger, where in Japan are your favorites?

Was supposed to visit Japan in April with a delegation and planned to update some chicken experiences then but the trip got postponed to September due to well known health related issues. Will return to this latest in September, alas.

The Indonesia tip is interesting. What sort of dish are they offering?

BuildingMyBento Mar 12, 20 5:09 pm

Originally Posted by mosburger (Post 32175733)

The Indonesia tip is interesting. What sort of dish are they offering?

Sadly, I don't recall the name of the dish (it may have been a restaurant specialty).
For sure, it wasn't the most famous Acehnese chicken dish, ayam tangkap; though that was also nice, that one is accompanied by wilted pandan leaves, lemongrass, and curry leaves.

It may have been ayam penyet, but that's from around Surabaya.

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