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enviroian Oct 14, 19 1:32 pm

Ninja Foodi 7-1 cooker
Does anyone have one? I have read reviews on this beast and for the most part with a large pool of respondents reviews are very positive.

corky Oct 15, 19 8:04 pm

Originally Posted by enviroian (Post 31627760)
Does anyone have one? I have read reviews on this beast and for the most part with a large pool of respondents reviews are very positive.

Is that different than the insta-pot? What are you wanting to cook that would require this beast?

LapLap Oct 16, 19 4:36 am

I have a pressure cooker that I use 2 or 3 times a week and an Air Fryer which I use multiple times on a daily basis and I am very, very happy using both. I realise that I occupy the centre square of the demographic this cooker is aimed at.

Nevertheless, not once, not ever, have I thought that it would be easier if I combined the two into one enormous gadget.

KRSW Jan 13, 20 3:10 am

As much as I'm a fan of the Hot Logic mini-ovens and use mine several times a week, especially on the road, they are definitely slow. 1-2 hours for anything.

Curiosity got the best of me and I picked up an Instant Pot Duo SV from Costco for Christmas. It doesn't have the air frying feature.

Why did I avoid getting an air fryer? Because "air frying" is just a marketing term for a convection oven and I already have those in my homes.

Why Instant Pot instead of the Ninja? A few of reasons: 1) Recipes you find online are almost always written for the Instant Pots. Not that it takes any great amount of effort to adapt them, BUT it's nice to know new recipes will turn out the first time. 2) Due to its market penetration, there's a ton of accessories and replacement parts for the Instant Pot and will be for years to come. 3) Size. The Foodi's Air Fryer lid is permanently attached and swings up to the left to open it. This also means when you're pressure cooking, you've got the air fryer lid fully open/extended on the left side of the machine the entire time you're using it. 4) Stainless steel pot on the Instant Pot. I've seen multiple reviews of the Foodi's non-stick pot chipping in less than 6 months. 5) Costco warranty. Costco sometimes sells both, usually at some of the lowest prices out there. If anything goes wrong, Costco will make it right.

So after 3 weeks of using the Instant Pot -- it's a keeper. Ms. KRSW's losing about 2-3 lbs a week since we started cooking the majority of our meals from scratch, and we're not cooking diet-type foods either. Most meals are start-to-table in 30-40 minutes and we're finding ways to shorten prep time. Clean up is simple, even without a non-stick stainless steel pan. We did have one recipe which caused food to bake on the bottom a little bit. We just threw a small amount of water in the pot, heated it up to the Instant Pot's Saute mode, and it cleaned up nicely. I enjoy cooking, but there's a lot of joy in being able to bang out a meal in 30 minutes and only have one pot to clean.

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