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Is there food you take with you on a trip?

Is there food you take with you on a trip?

Old Nov 10, 17, 8:28 am
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Originally Posted by bensyd View Post
Vegemite. I usually toss a travel tube of it in my suitcase. If I have access to Vegemite then I won't go for the big, full breakfast, and I'll just have toast.
Good thinking!

Being from the UK, I will substitute Marmite, but I like the idea of having something to save myself from overindulging at the breakfast buffet!
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Old Nov 11, 17, 6:03 am
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Always bring protein bars, almonds, and raisins. Helps to cure the temptation to eat junk food especially in airports and on the plane. We do a fair amount of long haul flights so it helps to have healthy food with me. Have also brought fresh cranberries to a relative in Israel for Thanksgiving ..to add to their feast..but that was a one off..
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Old Nov 12, 17, 4:17 am
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I take dates and dried fruits with me
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Originally Posted by BuildingMyBento View Post
Thus far, I have found the three countries in which I spend the most on snacks are the US (though IIRC, the UK has good choices, too), Japan, and Turkey.

Currently in Jeddah, I'm chowing on unsweetened dried cherries and mulberries from Turkey, Japanese an donuts, and Trader Joe's dried bananas (TJ's is the source for 95% of my snacking in the US). My backpack is a carbohydrate utopia.
I've tried to move on to Sprouts from Trader Joe's but just can't break away and it's for the same reason that you mentioned.
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Old Nov 13, 17, 3:05 am
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Nuts, usually. Gives me a protein option when there might otherwise not be. (Vegetarian)
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Don't ever bring stuff for myself to eat on board or thereafter as I usually prefer to "eat local". The exception is when spending Passover in the USA - we bring lots of Israeli "Kosher for Passover" things that either don't exist in parts of the US or are just hard to find. We definitely bring back a lot of stuff, however - always do a big Costco run for big boxes of breakfast cereals, smoked salmon, etc. When I visit families with kids on my travels, I often bring them a unique kind of Israeli chocolate with "pop rocks" inside. I guess I'm not the only one as Gal Gadot gave the same chocolate to Jimmy Fallon:

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Originally Posted by lhrsfo View Post
When going to my vacation home in California, I always bring tea - you just can't get decent tea in the USA. Otherwise I tend to travel with some GF biscuits in case of emergency.
Fellow Brit here, and my missus would agree - bringing Yorkshire Gold to any non-UK destination never fails for her. Because Lipton Yellow Label is (literally) a pale imitation of a proper cuppa.
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Old Nov 14, 17, 7:34 am
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Lots of good ideas.

The one I'd like to add: toasted soy nuts. Like the taste, like the texture, nutritious.
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Originally Posted by ChampagneSocialist View Post
Fellow Brit here, and my missus would agree - bringing Yorkshire Gold to any non-UK destination never fails for her. Because Lipton Yellow Label is (literally) a pale imitation of a proper cuppa.
Ahh, Lipton Yellow Label, the quintessential English tea in everywhere but England. I have oddly come to appreciate it in recent years due to the apparent fondness in these here parts (Middle East) for leaving the tea bag in your cup when serving you tea, particularly in a meeting environment, where there are no expulsion options available. It's the only tea bag weak enough that this doesn't make it undrinkable.

I'm omnivorous almost without exception and a relative stranger to the protein bar so am rarely without access to acceptable sustenance. As an absolute back up I usually have Gin-Gins Ginger Chews stuffed in a bag pocket somewhere for an emergency blood sugar boost. They also work quite well to settle the stomach if feeling a bit squiffy. Fisherman's Friend Mints are my only other ubiquitous food travel companion.

The way back from a trip is another matter.... I develop transient affections for (usually trashy) products unavailable at home and bring them back in unnecessary quantities. Recent examples include Crispy Sweetcorn Toblerone, Seaweed Lays, and Kaya Jam.
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I "discovered" Kirkland protein bars at Costco and took a dozen of them with me on my trip to Iceland. They were a lifesaver on the day trip I took to Greenland; I'd had a light breakfast and the shops at RKV (the little airport just outside of Reykjavik) and KUS (Kulusuk, Greenland) had only chips, candy and other empty-calorie offerings. No food on the 80-minute flight. We hiked from the KUS airport, down a glacier, up a hill, into town and I was famished even after a protein bar. It did keep me going till we got to a small grocery store and I picked up a loaf of fresh bread and a can of tuna. Lesson learned- I WILL be taking a stash of them to India and Nepal this March.

My brother took food in his travels to India and SE Asia on business. He's always been a
picky eater- mostly meat and potatoes. My SIL always loaded his bags with cellophane-wrapped peanut butter and cheese crackers so he wouldn't starve. My coworkers in India always got a good laugh when I told them that- I was thrilled even with the cafeteria food in our offices in Delhi and Bangalore.
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Take Along

What a fun thread this is!

Yes, I carry... Jiff extra crunchy PB, and Frenchs mustard.
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Originally Posted by Travel & Leisure View Post
What a fun thread this is!

Yes, I carry... Jiff extra crunchy PB, and Frenchs mustard.
Hopefully to be used separately
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Old Nov 15, 17, 5:01 pm
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Starbucks VIA

We always pack Starbucks VIA Instant Coffee, either French or Italian roast. Mrs is a Starbucks addict. Hotel coffee usually isn't that good. Other than that, peanut butter crackers.
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Plant-based eater here so I always pack my little hard-sided cooler in the middle of my checked suitcase filled with my coconut creamer, yogurts, bbq seitan, non-dairy dark chocolate bars and a tub of tofutti cream cheese. A big container of my freshly ground organic coffee and agave syrup. I pack my big thermos so I can make coffee every day and have it with me during the day instead of the usual watery brown liquid that passes as coffee in most places.

In my carry on, I have snack bars, fruit bars, little tubs of non-dairy butter and cream cheese, a little bottle of creamer, a baggie of fresh fruit and another one with trail mix.
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