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WIRunner Dec 4, 15 2:49 pm

BamaVol Dec 4, 15 6:16 pm

Originally Posted by VickiSoCal (Post 25807916)
I grind my own beans and use the reusable k-cup.

Same here. I have a basic Keurig in my kitchen and a slightly nicer one in my office. Sine Mrs BamaVol only drinks tea, the larger coffee maker stays in the cabinet until company visits.

milepig Dec 4, 15 8:12 pm

If money is no object you're looking at a Jura. Grinds the beans and forces water through them. Delicious but not cheap.

BlindPilot Dec 6, 15 8:40 am

If it is in your budget, I would suggest the Simonelli Musica espresso machine and Baratza Vario grinder. I just recently started using this setup at home and it is fantastic.

I still have 2 Nespresso machines for when I don't have the time to pull a proper cup of espresso.

miamiflyer8 Dec 11, 15 2:44 pm

Originally Posted by DrewGzy (Post 25807196)
Guessing there are a few coffee aficionados out there and I wanted some opinions.

I am looking for a single serve coffee maker that does everything: basically, start with water and whole beans, end with a great cup of coffee.

Any suggestions?

Nespresso is an OK brand on single serve coffee. They sell different models from a simple espresso maker to ones that make latter.

JeffBrackin Dec 20, 15 3:43 pm

Originally Posted by GB (Post 25808456)
Buy the pods on ebay. Many are up to 40% off.

Have you thought about getting reusable capsules instead? Much better than buying cheap ones on eBay! [removed link to blog]

Hope it helps!

HIDDY Dec 21, 15 9:14 am

Originally Posted by chgoeditor (Post 25807427)
While it doesn't meet your bean-to-cup specs, I'd be remiss if I didn't put in a plug for the good old fashioned French press. Few parts to break. Brews to your desired strength. Easy to clean. Portable. Doesn't require expensive pods or filters.

Yes cheap to run and easy to use. If it's just a decent tasting cup of coffee you want without using an espresso machine then they're fine. I used to use the small one when I went camping.

As pods and capsules are ridiculously expensive to buy in Argentina there's no incentive for me to use them.

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