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ATTENTION: Cilantro Haters. A must-read

ATTENTION: Cilantro Haters. A must-read

Old Apr 14, 10, 12:02 am
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Originally Posted by CDTraveler View Post
I associate cilantro with pain: blisters in my mouth, watery, burning eyes and shortness of breath.
Cilantro causes some of these symptoms with you?
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Old Apr 14, 10, 12:12 am
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I don't necessarily hate the taste of cilantro itself, but when it is used in a dish it is completely overpowering, to the point that I can only taste cilantro and nothing else. I find that aspect of it annoying.
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Old Apr 14, 10, 12:14 am
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To be honest... I love cilantro but doesn't like or almost hates basil...
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Old Apr 14, 10, 12:18 am
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I love cilantro, but I don't recall ever eating much with my family so I don't know if they hate it, are in different, or just don't eat much of it to care.
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Old Apr 14, 10, 4:28 am
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I used to hate cilantro but eventually started eating and liking Thai and other foods that used it. I knew I'd really turned a corner when I was tasting a dish and thought "you know, this would be great with a bit of cilantro in it."
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Old Apr 14, 10, 6:51 am
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Fascinating article. When I first tasted cilantro many years ago I was utterly convinced the soup bowl hadn't been rinsed (soapy flavor) but something switched by the third time I tried it and I can't get enough of the stuff.
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Old Apr 14, 10, 8:49 am
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My wife loves it. We try to grow it, we use it constantly, and it's one of the herbs we buy all the time at the farm (because the deer eat ours).

Her sister, who many people believe is her twin, but they are several years apart, can't even sit at the table when there's cillantro around as a garnish. It's hysterical to see the difference.
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Old Apr 14, 10, 10:10 am
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It is so sad to hate cilantro; that's like hating life itself.

I have family members who will not eat fish, onions, garlic or anything green. They, three of them, all have heart trouble, gastric distress and other illnesses. misnutrition must play a part for them.
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Old Apr 14, 10, 10:21 am
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I'm an unusual example of somone who dislikes but doesn't hate cilantro. I would never voluntarily put it into a dish, but I don't spit it out when I encouter it either.
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Old Apr 14, 10, 4:02 pm
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Cilantro tastes like soap... Yech... For some reason, though, I don't mind coriander. Go figure...
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Old Apr 14, 10, 4:40 pm
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How odd. I can think of a couple of people who don't care for the taste, but I've never met anyone who actively hates coriander/cilantro. Love the stuff mysefl - be it in a salad, on a curry or added to pho.

One friend has a bad reaction to dill which I find equally odd.
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Old Apr 14, 10, 4:40 pm
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this is amazing....I cant believe people would hate cilantro (coriander leaves)
its a crime not to put it in a lot of my native Afghan dishes....and whats salsa without any cilantro??

Even when we make Mexican, we put cilantro in it......wow...

thanks for the article OP...a real eye opener! hehe
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Old Apr 15, 10, 11:50 am
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I hate it. Totally ruins anything it is in for me.

I would absolutely love to visit Vietnam, but the cilantro is literally the only thing that's stopping me.

I make my own guacamole and salsa and substitute parsley (which I love) for cilantro.

I don't eat Indian food at all, and cilantro is definately a big reason.
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Old Apr 15, 10, 2:29 pm
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Originally Posted by brendog View Post
Cilantro tastes like soap... Yech... For some reason, though, I don't mind coriander. Go figure...
So, if I make my fresh salsa, serve it to you and say the bits of green leaves in it are coriander, you'll like it? Or are you saying you don't mind coriander seed?
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Old Apr 15, 10, 2:37 pm
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I love the taste and smell of cilantro, but the leaves have to picked clean from the stem. If I see any stems, even the tiniest one, it turns me off. Can't explain it.
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