Where's the website?

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Where's the website?

I've been a loyal DC member for some time but I've got to say that I'm getting tired of waiting for enhancements to their website. The same sfuff has been on there for months. Where's account information and bill pay like Amex?

I just discovered the beauty of paying my bill on-line with Amex and until DC antes up, Amex will get my business.
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AMEX's Pay by Phone/Pay by computer feature is great, and I wish more companies would do it!

I know online bill paying is coming, and it would be nice to pay all my bills on the computer from one site, but until that becomes a reality (and doesn't cost too much), AMEX is definitely leading the way.
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DC is really slow...they sent me a postcard to encourage me to view the May-Jul LeCard restuarant list online (have they stopped mailing directories?) and the Le Card section is not working.
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I second these emotions. Diners Club has quite some distance to go before they catch up with so many of the other fine user friendly, informative and interesting sites. It has been so frustrating using their site, that I don't even bother with it any more! Sad, isn't it? It's really a shame because they do offer a fine product with many good perks and promotions. It is so difficult trying to obtain information from their web site, therefore, what use is their card with so many obstacles placed in our way??? And SD Flyer, they are at least still mailing out their LeCard directories, I received mine a short time ago.

And while I have the floor, I've always wished they would use the widely accepted ratio of one dollar spent = one of their points instead of two, (it currently takes two points for one flight mile anyway). Although the end result would be identical either way, I am now always under the false illusion of having more "miles" than I actually do when checking my "point" balance. I have to remind myself to do the simple math each time. Sometimes I forget! Just a thought, folks.

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As to the $1 = 1 point instead of two, don't forget the BA offer last year and the DL offer in February this year of 1 point = 1 mile. While I'm sure there is no objective reason they could not offer 2 miles per point, psychologically I suspect there is a barrier.
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Yes, I agree. All I want to do is check my point status and then forward my points to another program. When I call, this takes weeks. I feel that we should be able to use our points quickly in whatever increments that we would like. If they would just have an online service for us to do this, it would be more convienient for all of us.
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I've transferred points from my Diner's account several times with a very fast response. I've been very pleased with that; however, I agree that their web site has been quite a continued disappointment.

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