Phone Call at 7:45 AM on Sunday for Schedule Change?

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Phone Call at 7:45 AM on Sunday for Schedule Change?

So this morning (Sunday) I was awakened at 7:45 AM by my cell phone ringing. I answered the call to be greeted by someone from Delta who started telling me all about how the flight I'm taking on Oct. 10th (3 weeks from now) had been re-scheduled. In my mostly-asleep state, I got to listen to something along the lines of "Your Delta flight xxxx, operated by Northwest Airlines as flight yyyy, was originally scheduled to leave Los Angeles at xx:xx and arrive at Detroit at yy:yy. It has now been..." 3 minutes of times, flight numbers, and I don't know what else, the agent concludes with "Can I e-mail this to you at your e-mail address ...?" I mumbled a yes and hung up.

Amusingly enough, this is not a major schedule change. I leave from LAX an hour later, but my connecting flight to NYC has not changed.

So, should I expect to be woken up every time Delta modifies its schedule by a few minutes?

The only reason I can think of for them to call so early is that my cell phone is a NY area code. But, my CC billing address, WorldPerks address, SkyMiles address, and everything else is CA. And I'm flying LAX-NYC-LAX. Plus, even calling at 10:45 AM on a Sunday is not the best way to make customers happy. Does Delta really not realize that people might not be where their cell phone area code is from?
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I just know this too well. I received a call informing me about a schedule change at 3:20am in the night. I was (I think understandably) not in the mood to talk and made this known to the CSR. After that I somehow do not receive any telephone communication from DL anymore ... not even flight cancellation.

But honestly, a little more sensitivity towards time zones would be highly appreciated.
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