involuntarily downgraded on award flight=milage credit?

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involuntarily downgraded on award flight=milage credit?

Recently I was involuntarily downgraded (first to coach) on a connection of an award flight because Delta had a mechanical problem with the the first flight.

I requested a miles refund and was promptly denied (non-revenue tickets are not eligible for mileage credit).

I was just looking for some token credit since I had paid more mileage and since it was their fault. I have always received credit from AA in similar requests.

Did they just mis-read my request, or is this their policy? After feeling relatively good about Delta, this minor issue left me feeling cheated.

I had slowed mailed my request...any way to re e-mail it?
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E-mail DL again. At a minimum, you should receive a refund of the difference in miles for the downgrade.
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This statement...

"non-revenue tickets are not eligible for mileage credit"

makes it sound like DL thought you were asking to get credit for the miles on your flight. You're asking for a refund of miles due to a downgrade. Try again, and make sure you're clear you're asking for a refund, not the credit for the flight.
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I've realized that 9 out of 10 times, if you are trying to communicate something to Delta, whether in person or via phone/email, you need to pretend you are talking to a 1st grader and repeat yourself constantly. Today, for instance, I was trying to confirm that I would not have any issues with SDC'ing from an F award connecting flight to a nonstop flight. The check in agent had no idea what I meant, so she called "Global." "Global" had no idea what she meant, so I got on the phone and they still could not comprehend the simple notion that I had an award ticket in F and wanted to do SDC to the nonstop flight in F. Lots of talk about the existing upgrade list on the nonstop flight, "R" class, and change fees. It took what I believe to be a station manager to come down and set everyone straight.

The 1 out of 10 times they get what you're trying to ask from the get-go, the response is satisfactory.
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