No Seat Assignment on CRJ flight - what to do?

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No Seat Assignment on CRJ flight - what to do?

I am not a frequent DL flyer but will be flying tomorrow JFK-RIC with return on Sunday. Flights are on CRJs (200s, I think since there are only 13 rows). There are 3 of us traveling all in one PNR. There have been no seats available for selection since the tickets were purchased 3 weeks ago. Flights are down to Y1 and Y4 - so close to sold out.

From what I have been able to gather online, the front row, back row and 4 other seats are blocked on the CRJ.

My Questions:

1. Does Delta unblock these seats within 24 hours to make OLCI easier?
2. I assume I should check-in as close to the 24 hour mark as possible to support getting a seat? Does seating get assigned to those without seats based on check-in time or status - or both?
3. If I do OLCI at 24 hours out and seats then become available, will I be able to snag them - or will OLCI prevent me from snagging them?
4. Does CRJ do plane side bag drop (not sure what Delta calls it)?
5. Anything else I should be doing to get our seats?

Thanks for your help.

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1. No, they are released at the airport. Row 7 is also blocked, I believe.
2. Yes, check-in as soon as possible, since if you are not elite you will have access to the "preferred" elite seats that you previously did not have access too. (It sounds like in this case they may be taken already.)
3. You can still change your seat after OLCI, go through like you are checking-in again and you'll have the options to change seats. (**I am not sure though if you check-in and get a "SEAT REQUEST CARD" if you can come back and later get seats if they open up. Memory tells me that for some reason you can't. In that case you can call up and have them undo your check-in and then do it again.)
4. Yes. The bag still must meet Delta's carry-on size dimensions though to get through TSA.
5. You should be fine, my no status brother is on this run quite a bit and has never had trouble getting a seat even with it down to Y0 on day of departure.

Good luck!
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Thanks for the advise. We did get seats but not without alot of angst.

1. Apparently, they assign the seats and when you scan the "Seat Request" card, it prints out your seat assignment.

2. We were traveling with a 2.5 year old in a car seat. They put my wife (who has a different last name than me and our son) in 1A and 1B and put our son in 12D.

3. When I informed them (prior to baording) that we had a 2.5 year old in a car seat, I was informed "Well, just deal with it on the plane" She had no interest in trying to change things ahead of time - which she should have been able to do since certain rows were blocked for airport control and the same people would not have received their seat assignments yet either.

4. Get on the plane - car seat does not fit in seats in Row 1 due to the arm rest in the tray table. Row 2 switches with us and the seat fits no problem.
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