Delays on BOS-TPA/PBI-BOS June-Aug.?

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Delays on BOS-TPA/PBI-BOS June-Aug.?

I'm a reporter for the St. Petersburg Times working on a story about chronic delays on these two routes this summer when NW flew them as DL code shares. If you got delayed on one of these flights, could you PM me? Thx for your consideration.
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Do you also want to hear from people who did not have delays on this route? Or is your position already established?
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i was tracking it for a while, because i flew the BOS-TPA flight on july 5 -- one of the few days it ran more or less on time.. it came in as the PBI-BOS flight, which was usually delayed. when the aircraft was a NW A319 in june and july, there was a pretty consistent pattern:
- it flew detroit-boston in the morning, usually on time.
- it left boston as NW1555 to PBI, more or less on time, and arrived on time or a bit late -- say 20 minutes or so.
- it returned from PBI to boston as NW1554. it was a tight turn back to BOS, so if it arrived at PBI late, it left for BOS at least as late. but, june in boston was terrible weatherwise -- there were ground delays virtually every day. NW1554 routinely took a 1-2 hour ground hold at PBI waiting for departure to BOS.
- NW1266 BOS-TPA was then delayed by just as much, since the turn time at BOS was also scheduled very tight.

it happened to be sunny and clear on july 5, when i took NW1266, and the flight ran "only" about 20-30 minutes late -- that seemed to be the best they could do given the published schedule. if anything went wrong, it stretched to a couple of hours in a hurry....

Originally Posted by jalves
Do you also want to hear from people who did not have delays on this route? Or is your position already established?
the fact that these flights (NW1554 PBI-BOS and NW1266 BOS-TPA) were chronically delayed is just that -- fact. BTS considers any flight that is at least 15 minutes late at least 70% of the time to be chronically delayed. the only reason these flights are not on the Q2 list is that they started on june 4, and BTS requires 30 operations in the quarter to qualify. NW1266 operated 27 times in Q2 (28 if you count the one that took 11 minutes to fly from BOS to BOS), and was on time for zero of those operations.

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