Upgrade success within the window from LAX to JFK

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Upgrade success within the window from LAX to JFK

I was wondering if everyone is still getting their upgrades within the 5 day window on these non-stop flights, especially after they announced the usage of the International configured 752 on this route. I have a flight coming up in a few days and have yet to clear. Not that this is anything unordinary, but the seat map still shows 14 unassigned FC seats and expert flyer inventory is showing C9 D9 S9 I9. Iíve been checking the upgradeable (X) inventory for the last several weeks religiously and never once saw (X) with any inventory. This goes for all 5 non-stop flights on this day, and for other days before and after my flight.

I completely understand that Delta would like to hold several FC seats in hopes of some last minute full fare first class passengers, but holding basically the entire front cabin until last minute gate upgrades seems a bit odd. I think this also compromises the Platinum/Gold/Silver status upgrading policies since a silver or gold medallion pax who was booked in a (T) fare missed their original flight for whatever reason could easily be rebooked on a later flight in (Y) fare and trump any platinum on a (B) or lower fare class on the upgrade list. I'm hoping that maybe my flight is an exception from the norm on the LAX-JFK flights and that most medallions are getting upgrades as usual in their designate windows if FC is looking wide open.
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I suspect that with the equipment change, we will see mostly battlefield upgrades until DL figures out the demand. I two of these trips coming up this month and will let the Ft'ers know the results. FWIW, as a Platinum, I have not been upgraded at the 5 day window for a few months now. It was like clockwork in the beginning of the year, but it's become much worse the last few months. I was blaming it on summer travel, but I guess we can't use that excuse anymore, can we?
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Flew last week, roundtrip LAX-JFK-LAX on a T fare and was upgraded 5 days out on both legs, operating with a 752 with BE and a 767 with BE, respectfully.
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Flew the 757BE from LAX-JFK 730A flight last Sunday (granted it was Labor Day Weekend) and didn't clear within the 5-day window but cleared at the gate being number 2 on a T fare, my traveling partner was on a K fare as GM and cleared (got the last seat). I find it much much easier to clear on the JFK-LAX flights compared to the LAX-JFK ones!
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