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I cannot express enough how grateful I am to all who were involved in ensuring that this event was an absolute success.

Much of what I want to say has already been expressed so eloquently in this thread. I just want to add that I look forward to continuing to work with Delta Air Lines, Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport fire station and Gogo personnel, as well as FlyerTalk members, in the future. I feel as though I have made a lot of new friends overall as a result of this event. Thank you to everybody who participated in this incredible event!

I said it before, and I will say it again:
Originally Posted by Canarsie View Post
I also want to thank each and every person who helped make this event — dare I say? — arguably one of the best FlyerTalk member events ever.
atldlff and I are already brainstorming for the next event. If even half of our ideas came true, the next event will truly blow away this past event, if you can believe that...
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I mentioned this in the other thread, but as atldlff will be sending the link to this one out tomorrow, I just want to repeat my sentiments.

The words THANK YOU to atldlff, Canarsie and all the DL employees that went out of their way to make this event one of the best FT events ever (yes, even better than CO DO IV) is simply insufficient. Everywhere we went, we were warmly greeted, be it from Jeff and Josh to a worker in the TOC who was walking by our tour group and gave us a very warm welcome. As Canarsie mentioned at the end of RWT, C.E. Woolman would be very proud of these employees and their "Service from the Heart".

This is an event that I will always remember and cherish - thanks to all for truly going above and beyond!
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Many many thanks to everyone who was involved in this DO. It was great to meet a bunch of FlyerTalkers I hadn't met before, great to see the few I had previously met, and especially wonderful to meet so many fantastic Delta people.

To atldlff & Canarsie,
You guys succeeded in putting together one of the most extensive & fun FlyerTalk events I've been to thus far, and you did it in a very short time-frame. atldlff, with everything you were doing, I'm amazed you found time to sleep during the three days! to the volunteers who assisted you as well, including Flyin'Mom & scoow for running registration and my fearless group leader ShopAround.

Thanks to Jeff Robertson, Josh Weiss, and Bob Soukup for the Q&A. Your openness with those in attendance was very helpful and your explanations did help me understand the reasoning behind all of the changes and while I'll never be completely happy with the way things went, I can move on and hope for better things in the program in 2010 as you work out those tech issues. In 2010, here's hoping I get to enjoy a new program that is a diamond of the first water. A special thanks to Bob for sticking around during dinner and making your way around to all the tables to make sure everyone's questions were answered.

Thanks also to Darren from Aircell. Your presentation on Friday was great and helped me understand your service and technology that much better. It was great to hear what you guys have in the works for the future. Also, great choice for dinner - I was stuffed! I could hardly (though I did haha) finish my creme brulee dessert.

to Delta for the whole program and especially for stepping in last minute to sponsor the dinner when Clear went belly-up. I look forward to attending next year, should this event be repeated (as it seems to already be in the plans). I will definitely be doing the RTW training next year as well.

Thanks to the Airport Customer Service folks who joined us both Thursday and Friday evenings. I can't remember all the names at the moment, but for Tina or anyone else, if you wanna come kick up your heels in Nashville sometime this fall, we can definitely make that happen!
Oh, and I was very appreciative of everyone attending being guest listed for the SkyClub. I was highly disappointed I wasn't going to be flying home to Nashville so I couldn't avail myself of the SC - as a true FTer, I even examined the possibility of buying a ticket. I AM flying out of Nashville tomorrow evening, which has a SkyClub know, just sayin' haha

Finally, thanks to SomeGuy who saved me from the horrors of Greyhound and gave me a ride back to Nashville since he was heading through anyway on his way to SDF.

All around, a great event, great memories, and something great to look forward to next year!
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I cannot mention enough how much fun I had, and how much I appreciate the planning atldlff with the support of Canarsie. I must thank Everyone @ Delta. There are too many Delta Employees to mention all of them by name.

Even though the lack of air conditioning made the Delta Heritage Museum tour uncomfortable (Again, it's not called Hotlanta for nothing!), It made the trip even more memorable. The highlight of the tour for me was the chance to sit in one of the seats on the DC-3. The DC-3 was an amazing display of the quality and care provided by the Delta Museum volunteers. Being able to walk around (and in) "The Spirit of Delta" was a blast.

Although I did not win anything during the Executive Q&A Session, I had a great time. Having Jeff & Josh answer our questions so openly, as well as picking up the tab on our dinner was awesome.

The Operations Control Center (OCC) tour was impressive and extremely informative. The Technical Operations Center (TOC) tour was very impressive. Viewing all of the myriad departments, the sheer number of employees, and having such direct access to our hosts with answers to our numerous questions was amazing.

Our visit to Firehouse #40 was better than any of us could have imagined. Having about 20 FTers shoved into the small viewing tower at the station was great. All of us stood there in the heat (indoors, but no ventilation) waiting to watch the NW 744 take off. I thoroughly enjoyed my ride in the fire engine. A very big "Thank You!" to the firefighters who hosted us.

The dinner at Prime, sponsored by Aircell/Gogo WiFi was delicious. Although my flights to and from the event did not have WiFi on board, I am looking forward to using the free WiFi as soon as I can!

The Road Warrior Training at the Training Center was, without a doubt, the most fun I've had in a long time. The motion simulator, the water ditching, opening the emergency exits, and the after hours tour some of us received afterward was great. I felt like a kid in a candy store!

Through all of these tours, I could not help but be in awe of the sheer number of employees that welcomed us. This tour made me proud of being a Delta frequent flyer!

In the words of MemphisQueen, "Best. Field. Trip. Ever." I don't think I can top that!

Edit: I forgot to mention the Meteorologist at the RWT. He was great. Thank you for dropping by to talk with us!

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Originally Posted by Dilemma View Post
I felt like a kid in a candy store!
This was the one phrase that was probably repeated the most throughout the three-day event, and it probably was the most appropriate statement that summed up the three-day event accurately for most, if not all, of the participants.

As I have mentioned before, I have participated in most of the activities before the three-day event and have already met and known quite a few Delta Air Lines employees, both past and present. I already had plenty of fun and many memories to last a lifetime prior to this event. However, as much as I enjoyed them and even relating them to others, one thing was clearly missing for me:

The opportunity to share the fun and memories with others who can live them first-hand.

What I probably enjoyed most of all regarding the three-day event is seeing all of the happy faces and hearing the appreciation from FlyerTalk members and Delta Air Lines personnel alike, as well as those from the fine people at Gogo and the fire stations. The feeling of satisfaction of knowing that everyone was having the time of their lives is the gift I would like to help keep on giving, and for me, there is no better feeling in the world.

With what atldlff and I have in mind for next year should ensure that that gift continues, and I hope we can continue to give that gift to as many people as we can for many years to come...
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Wow! I really wish I could have attended, but since it sounds like there will be more, I'll just look forward to the next event!
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I want to add my thanks as well to all the amazing Delta employees and to Steven and Brian for making this great event happen. It was a remarkable three days and I agree perhaps one of the best FT events ever organized! Looking forward to next year already!
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Reading this thread only made me even more sorry that I wasn't able to attend. It sounds like you all had a great time and that everyone you met was really accommodating and focused on making sure you all got what you wanted. See you next time!
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I'd also like to express my gratitude to Steven, Brian, and the fantastic people at Delta Air Lines and Aircell for making this happen.

It truly was a remarkable few days, and we owe it all to you!
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Words cannot express my appreciation. A very sincere thanks to all the amazing Delta employees and to Steven and Brian for making this great event happen. It was one of the best FT events ever organized! I don't know how you will raise the bar, I was amazed! Let us do this again sooner than next year!

PS: I am willing to help.
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Originally Posted by jjglaze77 View Post
Wow! I really wish I could have attended, but since it sounds like there will be more, I'll just look forward to the next event!
I already wished I could have attended, and these comments only strengthen that sentiment. Glad y'all had such a great experience, and can't wait for the opportunity to be a part of the next one!
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atldlff and canarsie, thanks for all your work in organizing an amazing event.

To all at Delta: a sincere thanks for welcoming us to your home and your generosity these past days.
Experiencing the Delta culture is yet another reminder why we fly Delta.

To everyone else, great meeting all of you and I look forward to the next 'Do'.

-Andrew (AndrewNYC)
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I'm really sad I happened to be in Japan during this event. It sounds like a great time amd I'm glad so many people were able to go and have fun. Hopefully its success will lead to many more future events! As a side note I think its great that a huge corporation would be willing to interact with its customers in such a way. This is just not something that is frequently seen in this day and age.

Here is to making the next DL DO!
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I am copying a portion of a previous post in the original RWT thread to this one, as requested/suggested by atldlff.

"In sum, today just topped off an incredible three days. The complexities of running an operation like--let's say--the world's largest airline--is beyond easy comprehension, but at least this gave us a much deeper appreciation of some of the many important facets involved.

Thanks you Atldlff and Canarsie for putting this together and thanks to
the numerous great employees at Delta who gave their time to make this event such a success."

From the folks at the Museum, to the friendly, candid presentations and discussions with Jeff, Josh and Bob, to Mark & Gary at OCC, to all the many guides we had at Tech-Ops, to the cool stuff we were showed at Fire Stations 33 & 40, to the super time and learning we were given by everyone involved in the RWT Training Day, DAL emplyees could not have been more gracious and informed hosts.

One final note, it was great to meet other FT posters and to now be able to put a face and personality with a FT handle and post.
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Thanks to everyone for this - it was absolutely a blast! Especially atldlff for organizing the whole thing. I actually used to comment from people that it would be nice if Delta had FF's down to ATL to practice opening the emergency doors! And then... dream come true!

Also, it was great of everyone at Delta to come to the event - I know that they got beaten up in the Q&A sessions (and knew that they would) but still came anyway! Very interesting to get the insight from people making the decisions, and it makes you feel a lot better to hear the reasons behind decisions & policies... rather than just the 'this is how it is'.

Thanks to everyone at the RWT... the water ditching was a blast, but that and the other training me to one very important take-away... do not be in a crash of any sort... it will be incredibly un-fun.

And finally.... it was great to meet everyone! Hope to see you all again flying some day!
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